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Fanning The Flames

Over at Casa Rita, Cody is practicing his presentation on Saudi Arabia with Mama looking on. She keeps interrupting him to tell him to straighten his stance, make eye contact, blah blah. She also tries to infuse his performance with precociousness, something it most assuredly is not lacking, Preston Bailey. Cody continues to talk about the rainfall in Saudi Arabia, and scratches his nose. Mama instantly gets on his case: "You don't want people to think you're picking your nose!" "Like this?" he says, and shoves a finger way up there for a lark. Astor, who's doing her homework at the table in the back, sees this and giggles with Cody, and Mama's pissed. "Cody, you need to take this seriously." "Dexter said it should be fun." "Dexter does drugs. He's wrong." If that's not a yearbook quote, I don't know what is. Astor announces that she's finished her homework, and Mama wheels around: "For the week?" Ouch! Damn, beeyotch! Astor looks annoyed, but is saved when Rita comes in the door. The kids run over to her, obviously thankful for her presence and the relief from evil Granny. They both hug her strongly, and Rita seems happy: "Wow, what a greeting!" Mama, not feeling loved, tells the kids to go get ready for bed. "Really, mom? I just got home." "They need their rest." Astor gives her a totally awesome hate glare before she and Cody break off to go brush their teeth. Once they're gone, Mama tells Rita what great progress she thinks they're making. "Progress?" says Rita, giving her a sideways glance. "Towards what?" "Their full potential!" Rita lets out a groan. "Mom, I know you're really good at these things, but now that you're here, have you thought about applying for a teaching job?" Mama tells her she has no plans to return to the school system, and that she intends Astor and Cody to be the "beneficiaries of all I have to offer." Rita seems less-than-pleased. Can't blame her. This spells trouble unless she nips this in the bud. Do it, Rita! Nip it!

At the station, Lundy's telling the team about an injunction he got to stop the Tribune from publishing the manifesto, but that it's only temporary. "At least we'll have some time to get a jump on things before the news frenzy hits. So, let's take advantage of this window." Lundy says that for the next forty-eight hours, they're all going to try and make sense of the convoluted document before them. Angel speaks up, and asserts that there are a "lot of literary references in this document." "How do you know?" asks Masuka. Shut up, dude, let the man talk. "I like to read books." "What kind of books?" "All kinds. Who cares?" Hee! Angel's the shit. "Anyway," he continues, "I see lots of references, like this one: 'You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.'" Masuka, always the killjoy, chimes in: "He's a Trekker! That shit's straight from Deep Space Nine!" "What? Mark Twain said that!" Go, Angel! "Twain was never on Deep Space Nine," says some random woman who's standing in the room. She looks like a Fed. "He was on Next Generation." Oh, Jesus. You're not helping, lady! Lundy corrects her by telling her the quote is actually from A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court, and Angel looks satisfied that Lundy's got his back. "Angel, what other literary quotes are in that manifesto?" asks Lundy. Angel gets to it.

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