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Dying of the Light

Quinn comes in to see Deb and haltingly ask her if she still has the engagement ring, as he's running out of time to return it. To his credit, he's conciliatory about it, and to hers, she apologizes for forgetting to get it back to him sooner. He understands that she's had a lot on her mind, and, with the conversation probably going about as well as it could have, he makes another good decision to get out of there on a high note. Don't worry, it's the last bit of good judgment we'll see from him this episode. When he's gone, Deb calls Jamie and tells her how she brought the ring home a couple weeks ago and left it on Harrison's side of the apartment. Jamie seems amused that she might have lost it, a reaction to which Deb is certainly most unamused, so Deb orders her to look for it and hangs up without waiting for a response. I'm guessing these two haven't been staying up late together to gossip about boys.

At Miami Metro, Dexter runs into Mos Def, and Dexter's car is breathing a sigh of relief that it didn't have to get smashed up to put these two together this week. Mos Def asks how Harrison's doing, and Dexter, as always happens, brightens at the mention of his son and says he's doing great, and that Mos Def should come by and see him. Michael C. Hall then does a hilarious piece of subtle business as he gets a "The hell did I just say?" look on his face, but Mos Def takes him at his word, saying that he'd love to -- how's tonight at eight? Dexter, probably not opposed to the idea anyway if he's being honest, accedes to the suggestion, but goes on that surely Mos Def didn't come to the station just to see him. Mos Def says no -- some of Nick's old crew (that's the dude who Mos Def baptized last episode) shot up the shop after it was closed, and he called the cops but no one showed up, so he needed to come by to get a report for his insurance company. Dexter, not without seriousness, asks if Mos Def ever thought of moving, but Mos Def, as is his wont, invokes God, and that's Dexter's cue to get the he... eck out of there, saying he'll see him that night.

At the Cultural Center, Dexter approaches a middle-aged woman and asks if she works there, and she replies, "Read my tag! I'm a docent!" I hate her already. Dexter feeds her a cock-and-bull story about having damaged a painting and wonders if there's someone he could talk to, so she leads him to a back which a film about restoration is playing. Heh. He tries to back out, but she insists it's informative ("That's why we made it!"), so he takes a seat in resignation. However, turns out the docent did him an inadvertent favor, as soon, the film is showing their restorer hard at work -- that restorer being, as you might have guessed, Colin Hanks. Which makes something clear to me -- he's the meticulous hand behind the designs that Dexter was admiring last week. Despite what he says later to Dexter, it certainly also seems like he hack-and-slashed that first victim, so there's another nod to the EJO doesn't exist, or at least doesn't exist the way Colin Hanks is seeing him, theory. Dexter's phone then rings, and it's Anderson, who's at a beachfront apartment telling him he needs a blood guy there on the double. Dexter gives that his ten-four, and on his way out, tries to ask the woman if she knows Colin Hanks's name, but she shushes him, prompting DVO to intone, "Worst. Docent. Ever." Thanks for the quick ride back to the nineties, DVO.

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