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pes and she says that she has to watch them. She needs to find the person who did this because she knows how the girls felt. She was taken by a sick bastard and thought she would die too. Dex notices in VO that she can't even say Rudy's name. He wonders if he curses everyone around him. Then, he goes into the other room and looks through the real estate holdings. None of them seem a place where you would hide someone. Harry is there and tells him to remember his target's background. Eugene Greer! Dexter calls a government office that apparently does this sort of thing and asks for Eugene Greer's record. The poor clerk says that it'll be a day or so before he has results, but Dexter insists that it's life or death.

He hears LG announce that an officer is down. It's Stan Liddy. Quinn is shocked. Blood was spotted dripping from Liddy's van. She assigns Dexter to the crime scene. Meanwhile, Jordan is driving into the abandoned Camp River Jordan. We get it. He stops the car and drags Lumen into a cabin, where she begins to have flashbacks of what happened to her before. The Homicide team is on a boat, heading for the Liddy crime scene. Dex VOs that Lumen has been with Jordan for 12 hours. Time really is tick tickin'.

Deb asks Quinn if he's OK, she knows that he and Liddy were friends and he looked pale as they were leaving the station. He replies that he had helped Liddy with a few things but the weren't good buddies. She asks him if he has any idea why someone would kill Liddy. So good right now, that Jennifer Carpenter. He doesn't know. Then, he asks Dexter if he has any ideas. Dexter says that he doesn't know but had heard that Liddy was a little shady. Maybe something came back to bite him. Quinn's all staring at Dexter like he thinks he knows more than he's letting on. They get to the scene and off of the boat. Deb sees the body and says someone really did a number on him, but actually I'd say that he actually looks pretty clean for a dead body, right? One stab wound, no bruises. One could leave a much more battered corpse. Deb asks Dex if he has his kit, which, seriously, they left the station together coming to this very place to investigate a crime scene -- why WOULDN'T he have his kit? Oh, it's so Dex can VO that he also has his kill tools with him. El Clunko. Quinn sees the body and is struck dumb. Deb asks him what's wrong and he says that he doesn't know how to say it. Then, LG walks up. She needs to talk to Quinn.

Masuka finds surveillance equipment in the van, all of which (obviously) has been stripped clean. Batista thinks that if they find who Liddy was watching, they'll find the killer. LG tells Quinn that his number was the last five dials on Liddy's phone. She'd like to hear all about their love. Quinn is nervous and evasive. He says that he was Liddy's only friend after getting booted off the squad, but LG still needs to know about the phone calls. He's not giving an answer when she looks down and notices... a drop of blood on his boot. She tells him that he'd better start talking, but he says that he wants to talk to a lawyer. She has a cop take Quinn to the station.

Dexter describes the knife wound as "expertly applied." Batista asks Dex if he has any idea what is going on with Quinn, who they see being led away. Yeah, Dexter is the person I would go to for department gossip. Dexter gets a phone call and excuses himself. It's the property records guy. Eugene owns the River Jordan Camp. The guy knows that the camp went bankrupt 20 years prior. Dexter gets the address and gets ready to go there, for he thinks that Jordan is taking Lumen to where "it all began -- with Emily." And, you know he's right. Dex is always right. Deb sees Quinn and asks LG about it. She explains that he may be involved with Liddy's murder.

Now Dex steals a car a speeds away. Jordan, meanwhile, tells Lumen that the camp should feel like home. She asks him what he's going to do to her and he replies, "What do you think?" Miller has been pretty consistently fantastic this season. I think this is maybe his best scene. He tells her that he let Dexter know that she was alive and he expects him to show up soon. He says that he "motivated" him to come. Then, he tells her that she has changed since the last time she was there. Now, she has a "look" in her eye. Then, he does this thing where he gets really close to her face and opens his mouth like he's going to bite her. It's kind of terrifying. He licks his lips a little and she says that she thought he only wanted to watch. He replies that maybe he's changing, like she has changed. Then, she manages to kick him in the balls and start running away. I'm sorry, I just really see where this part is going. She runs, with her hands still tied, until she gets to a place with a fence, at which point Jordan, now pissed, drags her back to do bad things to her.

At the station, LG tells Deb that Quinn hasn't said anything and things are getting worse for him. His name is on the requisition forms for the surveillance equipment in Liddy's van. Deb goes into the interrogation room to talk to him. He says that he didn't kill Liddy, but he knows that it looks like he did. She asks him who he thought did it, but he won't say anymore. He must think that Dexter did it.

Dexter drives into the camp. Harry tells him that Jordan will be waiting for him. He says that he shouldn't underestimate his adversary, again. Then, Dex accidentally drives into a backhoe and flips the stolen car. After he crawls out of the wreckage, Jordan is waiting for him. With a gun. He also grabs the sack of Dex's kill tools.

At the station, LG tells Deb that things could be worse and tenderly touches her shoulder, completing her speedy redemption arc. Deb gets word that Jordan was spotted and noises were heard coming from his trunk. Meanwhile, Jordan is taunting Dex for trying to replace Rita with Lumen. He tells him that you can't save one thing to make up for another. He opens the kill tools and says that they make him think there is greatness in him, but he believes him to be no smarter than the idiots that come to his seminars. He runs his hand along the tools as he says that he is going to put both of them out of their misery. Just then, he notices that one of the tools is missing. And THEN, Dexter, with the missing tool, stabs Jordan's foot. He can't move. Dexter knocks him out then unties Lumen.

Deb is struggling with her bad Spanish while she's talking to the street vendor who saw Jordan. She is trying to figure out what he heard in the trunk and swears to the universe that she will learn Spanish after this. He describes a banging in the trunk and says that he drove away towards an abandoned camp, which is apparently the only thing in the direction that this not small roadway goes. Deb offers "gracias" then walks away.

Dexter wakes Jordan with a slap. He's tied to a bed. He tells Lumen that she should be the one to kill Jordan. Jordan laughs about their use of etiquette. He says that he's been transformed from just being Eugene, but also he says that Dexter and Lumen have been transformed as well. She covers his mouth and tells him that he doesn't get to use her name. He has the nerve (and stupidity maybe -- why taunt people when you're restrained and they're holding giant shiny knives?) to tell Lumen that she would have never had it in her, if it hadn't been for him. He says that she should thank him and the last time she was here, she was cowering and crying. Cue giant shiny knife in his chest. She says that's for everyone he hurt, including Emily. She asks his dead body if he's listening to her. She apologizes to Dexter for not doing it the way he usually does. Dexter says that Jordan was right about there not being a polite way to kill someone.

OK, so here's Deb. She's just arrived at the camp. As Lumen and Dexter are getting ready to clean up, she walks through the cabin with gun drawn. She finds Jordan's dead body and sees two figures behind plastic. She tells them to stop and drop what they are holding. Then, she pauses. She says that she knows who they are. She knows that she's the 13th girl and she knows what they did to her. She says that it's a miracle she survived. And, she knows that the helper (Dex) knows that it's a miracle too. Then, for some reason, Lumen makes some weird move and Deb shoots into the plastic. That's right, folks, she said don't fucking move earlier. So, don't fucking move. She says that maybe it's right that some people deserve to die, but she's a cop and she doesn't make that decision. So, she's going to call in the scene, but she advises them to be gone by the time the cops arrive. Amazing. And, Stiles just walked away with the Golden Globe nomination. Are these people watching the fucking shows? Don't answer that.

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