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That night, at the station, Deb visits Quinn in jail. She says that she won't judge him, even though he hasn't told her what's up. She says she can't judge and he asks her what happened. She says she doesn't understand. She says that she will be there for him no matter what happens. Dexter stuff included?

Lumen and Dexter dump the last of Jordan into the water. She asks him if he ever thought they'd get there. She wasn't sure it would happen. She agrees with Deb, this was a fucking miracle. They go home and Lumen sits on the front of the boat as it speeds through the water and the wind is on her face. She smiles and seems excited about life and what's in front of her.

The next day, Dexter gets ready for work and leaves Lumen in bed asleep. As he leaves, we see that she wasn't actually sleeping. At the station, Dex is running tests on Quinn's shoes. He congratulates Deb for breaking the Barrel Girls case. He asks her if she thinks the vigilantes did it and she says that she doesn't know. Things are unclear to her now. Like, how good cops can go bad. Nothing is as simple as it seems. Dexter agrees with her.

Dexter gets home and tells Lumen that she'll be meeting everyone at Harrison's birthday party. She's silent. He asks her what's wrong and she says that she didn't sleep the night before. She has to leave. When they dropped Jordan into the ocean, she lost the urge to kill. Dexter VOs that her dark passenger has vanished. She begs him to say something and he asks her not to go. She says that she can't do it anymore and she knows he has to -- it's who he is. He throws a plate in the kitchen, then essentially goes to sit on all of the shards. She goes to him. He tells her that she's right and they're not the same. She apologizes but he tells her that she shouldn't feel sorry that her darkness is gone. He'll carry it for her and keep it with his. She smiles and holds him.

Cut to Harrison's birthday party. Batista gives LG an anniversary gift, even though it's not their anniversary. He saw her trying to be good with Deb and wants to give things another shot. Masuka has some sort of stripper date. Deb and Quinn show up and everyone applauds Deb (led by LG) for solving the Barrel Girls case. Quinn thanks Dexter for the blood work (he's cleared) and says that he owes him one. Deb comes up afterwards and mentions to Dex that he doesn't seem to like Quinn much. He corrects her -- he doesn't actually like Quinn at all, but he wants her to be happy. She says that she is.

Everyone is coupled up at the party and Dex VOs that all those folks apparently didn't get the memo that connecting with another person is the hardest thing in the world. He sits alone and slowly wrenches off his wedding ring. Astor sits beside him and asks where his "tenant" is. He says that she left. She asks if they did it and Dex looks at her just like any of us would. But, she's talking about the fact Dex had said she needed help. He says that he thinks he helped her. She asks if helping her made him feel better about Rita. He VOs that we try to make ourselves feel better all of the time. However, he doesn't answer Astor and she puts her hand on his shoulder.

It's time for cake. Dexter is holding Harrison as everyone sings. He remembers Lumen telling him that he gave her life back to her, a reversal of his usual role. But, she'd given him a glimpse of what it feels like to be able to wish that he were human. But, wishes are for children, he says, as he blows out Harrison's candle for him.

So, that was our season. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not incredibly happy with the logic of some of the stuff that happened this year. It's hard though to criticize people for not being completely able at writing organic stuff for serial killers. Thanks for reading

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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