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Flaming The Cabin

Dexter finds the door at Rita's unlocked, and barges right in to find the babysitter passed out on the couch. He runs to her after calling out for the kids and getting no response. "Lexi!" Oh, that's her name. "Lexi!" She wakes up groggily as Dexter asks where the kids are. "I can't remember," she says, looking terrified. Rita walks in, just home from work, and asks what's going on. "Dexter? I got your message. What is it? What's going on?" "The kids are missing," he says bluntly, and Lexi immediately starts apologizing for falling asleep. Rita says she has to call the cops, and Dex tells her to call Deb, because she'll get the whole force looking for the kids. "I promise we'll find them," he says, leaving the house.

"We're going to Terminal Seven, Miami International," Deb tells the cab driver who's helping her with her bags. Her phone rings, and she answers, "Morgan." "Debra, it's Rita." "Hey, I'm just getting in a cab." "Look, Cody and Astor are missing," Rita says frantically, just barely keeping it together. "Did you call the police?" "Dexter said to call you." "Okay," says Deb. "Um, you just sit by the phone, I'll take it from here." Deb hangs up and tells the cab driver to wait up a second. "You don't want to go to the airport?" "Of course I want to go to the airport," she says, and the guy continues putting her bags in the back. "I just said to wait!" she says, and the frustrated guy tells her to make up her mind. "Why? Why do I have to make up my mind?" she says, her voice getting shaky. "Goddammit, here," she says, handing the guy a bill and grabbing her bags out of the back. Oh, poor Deb.

Dex slides open the door at Lila's loft, and finds the kids on the bed watching TV. Cody says, "Hi, Dexter!" as if nothing is strange at all, and Dexter runs up to the lofted area where they are. "Hey, guys, you havin' fun?" Dex asks, trying not to panic so the kids stay calm. "Super fun!" says Cody. "Lila's so nice!" "Where is Lila?" Dexter asks. "I'm ovah heah," says Lila, now standing in the doorway next to a large drape and a candelabra. Dex wheels around and their eyes meet. "You could've had it all, Dextah," she says. After a pause, she pushes the candelabra over, instantly setting the large drape on fire. Dexter jumps over the loft to the front door as Lila slams it shut and padlocks it so he and the kids can't get out. Damn, that's fucked up, dude. Dexter tells the kids to stay on the bed and not move as he tries to jimmy the door open. Outside, Lila hovers for a moment, then leaves. Inside, Cody cries out for Dexter as the whole place gets engulfed in flames, and Dexter sprints back up to the loft. He tells the kids to both look away as he slams open a window with his foot and clears all the glass away. Being a loft-style window, it's large enough for the kids to pass through, but too small for a full-grown man, so Dexter thinks fast. He pads it with a cushion and slips Astor and Cody out to safety, as the fire turns into an inferno. Once they're out, he tells them to go call for help. They're good kids, and they're probably familiar with 911 since they did have FND as a dad, so they run for help. Inside, Dexter fights the flames and tries to find a way out. He drops to the ground to avoid smoke inhalation, and grabs the candelabra, hoping to use it as a makeshift crowbar to jimmy the door open with. Unfortunately, this plans fails, and he falls back to the ground, coughing violently. He notices that the plaster on the walls is beginning to peel back, revealing the beams and sticks holding it up, and apparently this sight inspires a flashback.

Harry and Young Dexter are sitting by a campfire, and Harry asks Dex, "What do you remember from before? You know, before we took you in?" "Nothing." "Good," replies Harry, "because what happened was too strong. Son, it got into you too early, and it's gonna stay there." As this conversation goes on, we see shots of Dexter seemingly losing consciousness on the floor, struggling to breathe. "It's gonna make you want to kill, and you won't be able to stop it," Harry continues. "So, I'm gonna be like this forever?" asks Young Dex, with tons of reverb on his voice. "Yes," answers Harry, matter-of-factly.

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