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Flaming The Cabin

Now, once again, I understand that Doakes probably had to die. I (and White Rabbit, too) knew that as soon as Doakes found out who Dexter really is. But I can't say that I'm happy about it, really. I feel that the writers denied Dexter one last confrontation with Doakes, and I also feel like there must have been some other way to keep Doakes alive. What really bugs me is that now Dexter has no nemesis on the force, no one to keep him in check, or even be at least a little suspicious of him. What are they going to do next season? Just invent someone out of the blue to "get the creeps" from Dexter? Whatever. I was really hoping after last week's episode that Dexter would find some way to get Doakes out of the country to a place that wouldn't extradite him, and that they'd be a strange brand of buddies in the future, but that was instantly dashed the second this bullshit went down. Anyway, you'll be missed on this show, Erik King. You gave "muthafucka" a whole new meaning. If you land any crime procedurals in the future, I'll be right there to admire your impressive upper body strength.

Dexter pulls up to a checkpoint and tells the cop who's shining the flashlight in his face that he's "Dexter Morgan, Miami Metro PD Forensics. I'm here to join the search for the Bay Harbor Butcher." "The search is on hold right now until they sort out the confusion." "Confusion, huh?" says Dexter nervously. "Yeah, it's a real mess." The cop tells Dex where to park: "Right behind the line of fire trucks." Uh-oh. "Confusion requires fire trucks?" Dexter says to himself as he pulls up to the scene. There's a clean-up squad putting out the flames as Dexter steps out of his car. "When something beyond reason happens, it turns skeptics into the believers," he VOs, "believers in a higher power. But what kind of power did this?" Deb spots Dexter, and asks him how he got there so fast. "I broke a lot of speed limits. After you left, I realized you were right: I didn't want to miss the action." After surveying the damage, he asks, "What happened?" "They think a propane tank exploded." "How?" "Do I look like a fuckin' fire chief?" "Did they find a body?" "Just bits and pieces, so far." Deb walks away, seeming really upset, all of a sudden. Dex VOs, "Was it spontaneous combustion? Divine intervention? If you believe God makes miracles, you have to wonder if Satan has a few up his sleeve. But when you don't believe in anything, who do you thank at a time like this?" Dex looks like his mind is blown.

After a quick panning shot of a marsh with the sun coming up, we're back at the scene in full daylight. A search team in the water discovers something under a palm leaf, and a woman announces over her megaphone, "We got a floater." Everyone rushes to the shore (I don't know what else to call it in a marsh) as the team returns with the body. After they plop the torso onto a gurney, Masuka inspects it. He notices the "gaping areas of pulpified tissue, extensive fourth-degree burns" that could only have been caused by a "big-ass fuckin' explosion." "What else can you give us?" asks a disheveled-looking Lundy. Masuka tells him that there are certain parts of the eyes that are unburned, so he must have been alive when it happened, because he was squinting. The teeth are intact, so the dental records will provide a positive ID. "Is it Doakes?" asks Deb, fighting back tears. "Male, African-American, about the right length of torso, heavily muscled. I think it's him."

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