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Flaming The Cabin

Under some overpass by the water, Lila opens up the murder bag, and sees all of Dexter's tools. She looks distraught as she opens the box containing Dex's M99. Good one, Dex. Now what's she gonna do? Fuck.

"Frank!" Deb calls out as she enters Lundy's place. "Bedroom!" he calls back. "What are you doing home in the middle of the day?" she says, then under her breath: "She asked, hoping for sex." Heh, nice. She loves boneration. She walks into the bedroom, and finds Lundy packing his suitcase. "You're packing already!" she notices, and puts on a winter hat to show Lundy she's excited as well. "Lake Ipawash or bust." Heh. "Deb, slow down," says Lundy, grabbing her shoulders as though he's bracing her for something. "Wait, I got a parka!" she says excitedly, going into another one of her shopping bags and explaining it was probably the only one in Miami. "When do we leave?" she asks. "Not we. Me," he says. Deb's face falls as Lundy explains that he just got a call from DC: "A pattern of bodies was identified in Oregon. My flight leaves tonight at seven." "You gotta be fuckin' kidding me." "I wish I were," he says, clearly meaning it. "But it's too soon. I mean, if you're leaving, we gotta work out logistics." "Logistics?" "Yeah, we got a lot of shit to figure out. Weekend visits, and red-eye flights and frequent flyer plans. Let me get my calendar." Lundy stops her and asks her if she's really ready to go down the long-distance-relationship path. She replies that she knows they never work out, "not even in the movies," but she still thinks it's worth it. She walks over to the phone and begins dialing, and Frank asks what she's up to. "Logistics," she replies. "I'm taking a leave of absence." He grabs the phone from her, and tells her she's not thinking it through completely. "What's to think about? I'm going with you! It's just a job!" "It's more than that to you," he says plainly. "Okay, I love my job. But not as much as I love...being with you." "Just, do me a favor. Take the afternoon and think about this." "Fine, you do me a favor and buy me a goddamn ticket on your flight. I'm going home to pack, and I'll see you at the airport." She leaves with a smile, grabbing her parka. Lundy can't help but smile himself. They're awesome.

Over at Rita's, the babysitter is coming inside with Astor and Cody when the doorbell rings. She answers the door, but nobody's there, so she goes out to see who it was. There's still no one, so she stands, perplexed, as Lila sneaks out from behind her and slams some M99 into her neck, making her pass out. Oh, well that's just great. Now she's gonna fuck with Rita's kids? Severely uncool. I guess that's just the name of Lila's game.

At the station, Dexter finds Matthews and says, "Captain, you called for me?" "Oh, hey, Dexter. Yeah, I received a phone call from a woman who says she's a friend of yours." "Who?" "She wouldn't give her name. She claims to have vital information on the Bay Harbor Butcher. Any idea who she might be?" "English accent?" "That's her." "I think she might have a personal issue with me. Um, this is the same woman who tried to railroad Batista; you might want to avoid her." "Not a chance," says Matthews. "This case is closing and I can't afford any loose ends." "Did she say she was coming in?" asks Dex. "Within the hour," replies Matthews. "And you said she mentioned my name?" "Specifically. Stick around, we'll sort this thing out together, okay?" Matthews pats Dex on the shoulder with a smile, and walks away. Man, what's Lila up to? Dexter's curious, too: "If Lila plans to turn me in, why would she drop my name to the Captain and give me a chance to intercept her? It doesn't make sense...unless she wants me here so she can hurt me some other way." "Rita," Dexter says aloud, a look of terror smacking him in the face. He runs to the elevators.

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