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Palm Trees Dangerous

The next day, Deb is calling Anton. She leaves a message. She has left him several and she's getting annoyed. She accuses him of being an adolescent and sleeping until noon. This doesn't look good to me. He didn't show up for breakfast.

Dexter is having coffee and thinking how the butterfly effect created the coffee industry. He's very good at that. He gets a phone call. It's Deb -- she invites him to breakfast, but he's already had some. He tells her that he's buying wedding bands, but she asks him what he knows about women's jewelry. Uh, nothing. She agrees to meet him for the shopping.

At the jewelry store, she tells him that the wedding band needs to match the engagement ring. So, what does that look like? It looks like invisible, Deb. He tells her that she didn't want one. She tells him that he gets dumber every day. "How do you survive in this world?" Heh. She says that Rita does indeed want an engagement ring. "You're such a Y-chromosome cliché. Just buy her a beautiful, romantic, 'I love you with all of my heart' fucking engagement ring. And, Dex, size matters." Seriously, I think she should get an Emmy nomination. I love her. Then, while he's looking at the engagement rings, she asks Dex "hypothetically" if people were in the situation that Anton and Deb are in (though she doesn't say their names) does he think that Anton doesn't like her now that he doesn't have to work with her. He's totally confused. She ends saying, does he think that the Anton person was just passing the time with her or "satisfying primal urges?" He says her theory sounds perfectly reasonable to him. Wrong answer. "What the fuck do you know?" Then, she points at a ring and says, "That one. I gotta go sit in a car and wait for a suspect." Then, she walks away. That was awesome. Definitely best Dex/Deb scene of the season and those have been a highlight already.

Deb calls Anton again later and he still doesn't answer. She's bothered, but it doesn't look like she's worried. Quinn drives up and she gets into his car. She tells him that she can pick up Mario by herself. "Let you get all the credit for catching The Skinner? No fucking way." She says they don't know that Mario is The Skinner, but he says that's all they've got right now. Then, after a moment of silence, he says that what she said to him the day before was really unfair. She asks if it is true that a cop died because of him and he says that it's not that simple. He explains that he and Yuki were partners in Narcotics. Another detective on their team, Stewart, shot an unarmed coke dealer and paralyzed him. Then, Stewart went on a bender and finally killed himself. Deb remembers the story. Quinn knew that Steward had a crystal meth problem and covered for him, instead of busting him. Yeah, that's the kind of judgment we want in our Narcotics detectives. Deb says that it is his fault, but Quinn says that everything's not black and white. Like, how does she sleep at night? She says that he doesn't know that she does sleep at night. And, he was probably right about Anton, because it looks to her like he lost all interest in her once he knew he was free. OR HE'S BEING SKINNED RIGHT NOW. Jesus, POLICE PEOPLE!!

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