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Palm Trees Dangerous

Mario gets out of his truck. They approach him and he runs away. Quinn tackles him and Deb cuffs him. They bring him into the station and he seems really belligerent. Deb tells Angel that he hasn't said anything. Someone brings Angel paperwork and he's annoyed -- he's going to have to cancel his date with Barbara. Quinn jokes that she's not going to like that and Angel says, "I mean it -- it's work!" He calls Barb and gets her voicemail. He leaves the most awkward message ever, canceling dinner plans and just being so weird and apologetic. Then, he hangs up abruptly.

On a pier, Miguel is waiting and Dexter approaches him. Miguel says that he can tell from the look on Dex's face that he's about to tell him something that he doesn't want to hear. Indeed he is. Dexter is calling off the kill. Miguel says that no one is going to connect him to Fleeter's disappearance from seeing one guy in a casino, but Dex says that he's not taking that chance. Miguel wants to know more about Dexter's Code. He says that he guesses that Dexter has been doing this for a while. He asks how many Dexter has killed, but then says that he doesn't need to know. He'll respect Dexter's privacy. He doesn't understand why Dexter won't help him though. Dexter replies that Miguel never should have asked him to help him. Miguel says that it doesn't make sense to call it off after breaking one little rule. The Code is bullshit, he says. This makes Dexter really tense up. He says that it's not bullshit. "It's like wearing a fucking straitjacket," screams Miguel. Dexter says, "No, Miguel, it's just the opposite. If I didn't have the Code, the darkness--" Oh, dangerously close there. Miguel looks at him half knowingly, half frightened. Dexter catches his breath. Miguel says that he could tell another story about his abusive father, but instead he'll tell how he once threw him down the stairs and kicked the shit out of him. And, he really enjoyed it. It was the first time in his life that he felt powerful. Ever since then, he's been trying to get that feeling back. Smits and Carpenter can go to the Emmys together. He's so good in this scene. He tells Dexter that he understands when he talks about the darkness inside of him. Dexter seems to respond. Miguel says he just wants to let some of his darkness out too. This is so freaky.

At the station, Deb tells Mario that they know that he's wanted for a stabbing in Nicaragua. Mario says that the guy touched his sister and sadly survived. Not making much of a case for himself there. Quinn says that immigration is on the way. He'll be on the way back to Nicaragua before sun comes up. He pleads with them, saying he has a son. Deb says that, unless he stops stonewalling them regarding The Skinner case, he's out of town. He says the facts aren't changing -- he doesn't know anything. Quinn asks why George King would suggest differently and dude turns into Jell-O. Seriously, he gets all quiver-faced and cry-eyed. Quinn says that George King will be very disappointed to hear that Mario is calling him a liar and he freaks the fuck out. "No!" Deb asks him what he's so afraid of and he asks to be sent back to Nicaragua. He's all crying and hyperventilating. Further proof that I saw this shit from a mile away. Sorry, just need to do that a little bit more. They leave the room and point out that he freaked at the mention of King's name. They're going to bring King back in.

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