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Palm Trees Dangerous

Angel hasn't gotten a call back from Barbara. He thinks he blew it. Deb says she's sorry and that dating sucks. She says that they don't have George King yet, but they put the word out. Then, she leaves. As she's walking towards the elevator, Barbara enters and she turns around to smile at Angel. Barbara approaches Angel and gives him a big long kiss. She also brought him food. She says that she's been listening to his message all day, because it makes her laugh. It was pretty funny. He says that he's glad he amuses her and she says, "Not half as glad as I am."

Deb goes to the club where Anton plays. She finds someone who works there -- Anton never showed up. See, not good.

Someone (Dex?) arrives at his home and drops his keys by the door. Wait, that's Billy Fleeter. And, there's Miguel. Here's Dexter with a needle -- Billy is down. Next, we're in the kill room. Dexter sets up pictures of Billy's victims and Miguel says it's poetic. Dex asks him if he's ready and he says he is. And, he thanks Dexter. So weird. He thanks Dexter for showing him the way. Dex wakes Billy with some smelling salts or something. Miguel tells Billy to look at the pictures of the people whose lives he destroyed. He tells Billy that they are "justice." He's lying on a rotating table, so Dex puts a knife on the table and rotates it towards Miguel. Convenient. He wonders if Miguel will actually do it. He does. They're frozen there afterwards. Miguel's face is either terrified or orgasmic. Dex asks how he feels. "Fantastic." Then, he suggests that they get the body out of there. Dex VO's that some things must remain private. He'll handle the clean up. Miguel tries to take Fleeter's ring before he goes, but Dex stops him. Not a good idea. He just wants a souvenir. Perhaps he should make a little slide with some of the victim's blood next time.

Deb shows up, rather frantic, at Anton's apartment. No answer. It's unlocked, so she pulls her gun and walks in. Everything is as he left it earlier. Then, she runs outside. "Shit. Trimmed trees. The Skinner's been here." No!!!!

As Dexter is completing the clean up, Harry appears at a slot machine. Dexter says that Miguel did well. Harry says that he was only thinking about Dexter. Now Dexter is responsible for everything that Miguel does. It's a heavy burden. In fact, it was too much for him to bear.

Dexter arrives at Rita's place and is about to unlock the door when she opens it. She just walks away though, doesn't greet him. She's still not in a good mood. He sits down and offers her an engagement ring. She's ecstatic. She says it's perfect. She tells him that he's been a saint to put up with her. She says it's the hormones -- she goes crazy when she's pregnant. "Tell me about it," he VO's, then says aloud, "That's not true." She tells him to run for his life, but he says he won't. She says it's like she has a monster living inside of her that she can't control. Interesting. He says that maybe he can help her with that. Please don't teach her to kill.

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