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Palm Trees Dangerous

Here comes Rita and she's on the pregnancy warpath. She shrills that he's making a mess and he says that he will clean it up. She says that isn't the point and he leans over to Astor and says through his teeth, "What is the point?" "I don't know," she responds. Well, let Rita tell you. She says the point is to not make a mess in the first place. He VO's that Rita's "pregnancy hormones" are ganging up on them this morning. She freaks out that there are no English muffins in the place, so Dexter offers her a waffle. Waffles disgust her. She rubs Cody's head then tells him that he needs a haircut. Dexter VO's that it will be "4, 5, 6 months until she delivers." Seriously, there are 9 months in the gestation period -- how long does it take you to remember a due date, obsessive forensics expert? He asks Rita if she is OK and she says that she isn't -- she's starting a new job and she's planning a wedding by herself. In our current economy, maybe she should just be glad that she has a job at all.

So, Dexter asks what he can do to help. This doesn't make things better. She says that he can't pick the DJ, because the last time she got into his car, the radio was tuned to marching music. Hmm. Makes him seem a little like a traditional fascist, no? He says that the music helps him think. She says he also can't pick out the florist, the caterer, or the wedding bands. Please tell me what wedding needs both a DJ and a wedding band. Holy shit, I swear that I was not kidding about that. I seriously heard "wedding bands" as musical groups who play at weddings, not rings. And, how big an affair is this going to be? You're already knocked up. Order some hot wings from down the street, lay down a table cloth in the back yard, put your boom box in the window -- wedding. Not that you can't be pregnant and still care a lot about your wedding. I mean, there's Ashlee Simpson. Congrats, Ash. It just seems like a confusing priority for her to suddenly have. Dexter says that he can indeed get the wedding bands and she's like, "Right. Like the engagement ring you never got me?" Ouch. He reminds her that she said she didn't want one and she replies, "I don't want one. Who drank all of the orange juice?" Dexter, Astor, and Cody all slowly turn away from her.

It's still morning at Anton's place. Deb is in a t-shirt and underwear and her hair is wet. She's shivering and tells him that he has no hot water. He's reading the newspaper and reminds her that he told her to wait (Not sure why -- the neighbors use all the hot water in the morning? She just needed to let it run for a while? We'll never know.), but she says she has a job and couldn't wait. He says that he's a musician and works at night, so she asks him what he does all day --Takes a nap? Watches cartoons? Jacks off? He replies that he rarely watches cartoons. Well played, Anton. "Fucking hilarious," she responds. He comes from behind her and embraces her. She says that he'd better not be writing any more songs about her. He says that most "ladies" would be flattered, but she reminds him that most ladies aren't cops. He concedes and walks away as she tries to pour herself some cereal. Unfortunately, she finds a big bag of weed in the box instead. OK, there has been some discussion on the forums about Deb's ethics/smarts in pursuing this thing with Anton. I have to say, with all of the shenanigans she's surrounded by at the station most of the time, I don't personally have that much of a problem with her involvement with a CI. I mean, Angel sleeps with hookers. I realize she doesn't know that, but it makes me feel better about her choices. And, she and Anton are sexy together. It seems that my ethical guidebook might be missing a few pages, but I can't help it. That's all to preface that Deb doesn't do anything about the drugs. She grabs her coat and quickly leaves. She tells him to lock up after her. He seems a little confused about her change in attitude.

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