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Palm Trees Dangerous

Dexter is at the station looking out from his office. He VO's that Freebo is dead and now there is a tree trimmers convention at the station. They might seem like unrelated events, but it's the butterfly effect at work again. He continues that it's an odd feeling when you happen to be the butterfly. If he helps Miguel kill Billy Fleeter, he wonders what effect that will have on the world. He's looking at an article online with the headline, "Suspect Found In School Teacher Murder Case." Billy Fleeter's picture accompanies. I love how this show always qualifies someone deserving to get whacked by Dex. Because Billy would be less deserving if it had been a blackjack dealer that he'd killed? Like the dead girl from the last episode who was COLLEGE VALEDICTORIAN. If she'd been a high school dropout working in a shitty job, perhaps it wouldn't have been so sad. Dex wonders if killing Billy would be the beginning of a whole new level of friendship with Miguel, or it would be the end of life as he knows it.

We see Deb greet George Washington King. She reminds him that they met. And I will remind you, gentle reader, that I called this shit the moment I saw this guy. Meet The Skinner. She asks him if he has worked any jobs on a list that she shows him. He smiles and tells her that those are city jobs and he is a private contractor. I mean, they're not trying to hide it, right? I hope they have something else up their sleeves, because I think it's been pretty obvious that he was the killer. Anyhoo, Deb tells him that she will need contact information for all of his employees and he tells her that he will get her his payroll record as soon as possible. She thanks The Skinner and releases him. He calls the elevator and it opens to reveal Angel and Barbara kissing. That's just not professional, right? They do both work there, right? That's what I'm saying. Sleep it up with the CI, Deb.

Angel exits the elevator and Barbara stays in it. Quinn sees the PDA and approaches Angel and congratulates him for getting lucky. Angel says that he and Barbara "have taken it to the next level." Quinn warns that, now that he and Barbara have "done the deed," she's going to be taking notes to see if he's relationship material. Angel asks Deb if that's true and she says it's not like women write stuff down, it's just more of a mental process. This makes Angel nervous and he walks away.

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