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Palm Trees Dangerous

After a short amount of looking, Dex finds a small notebook. Suddenly, Harry is there telling him to put it back, end this. Dexter asks why and he says that he didn't teach Dex the Code so that he could teach his friends. He taught him so he could stay alive. He says that Dexter doesn't get to have friends -- nothing good can come from this. From the other room, Miguel says that he doesn't think that anything good could come from this. So, Dexter shows him the notebook. Take that, dead dickalicous dad. I'm sorry, sometimes I can't stop thinking of him as that guy. Dex VO's that it's his life. He and Miguel decide that they'll go forward, if the blood on the bat matches the blood of the victims.

Rita and Syl are working on invitations for the wedding. Rita is freaked that she's sending them out so late. She's annoyed that she asked Dexter for menu suggestions and he said, "Steak." She took his suggestion to mean that they should have steak for every course, ending with a "steak fucking cake." Meanwhile, she destroys the envelope that she's addressing. Syl suggests, with fear in her eyes, that she handle the envelopes for a while.

At Anton's place, she tells him that he's free. He says, "Yeah, ever since Abe Lincoln." Nice. But, no, she's saying he's free from the police department. He's confused -- Quinn told him that if he worked hard enough, his charges would disappear. Well, they have. She explains that the necessary papers were never filed, so there was no charge to work off. He is just a little (and I mean that, just a little) annoyed that he's been working for them for nothing. She reminds him to be glad that he doesn't have to do it anymore, so he thanks her. She tells him that she wants to put protective detail on him, but he declines. He wants to celebrate and she suggests dinner that night. He's working. He suggests now. She has to go back to work. They settle on breakfast the next day.

At a sporting goods store, Dexter tells Miguel that the blood sample matched the blood of the victims. They're getting supplies for killing Billy. Dex asks Miguel if he has thought about how they would do it. Miguel thinks a gunshot to the head would work -- it happens all of the time. Dex says that guns make noise. Also, there's a lot of forensic evidence from guns. He says they don't want to leave a crime scene. Dex suggests that they do it with, I don't know, A KNIFE. Dex also says that he's going to put together a starter kit for Miguel. Crafty!

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