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Palm Trees Dangerous

Next, they break into a storage room at the casino. This time, Dexter has a much easier time with the lock and Miguel remarks that he has improved. Inside, there are old slot machines and other games. Dex VO's that what better place to gamble on Miguel than in a room with games of chance. Miguel says that this is where slot machines go to die. "And one gambler," says Dexter. Then, they put the kill room together. When they are finished with the room, Dex reminds Miguel that this won't be pretty and there's no shame in backing out. Miguel replies that, after 14 years of bureaucracy, this will be nice and neat in comparison. Very well.

At a bar, Maria and Ellen are having a drink. The party was terrible and there was no bar there. Maria compliments a ring of Ellen's and she says it was a gift from her first husband. It's also easily displayed on her middle finger, explaining how she felt about that husband. Ellen calls over the bartender and, while flirting, tells him that they need drinks desperately. Maria says that, sadly, the bad party was the first social event she'd attended in 6 months. Ellen flirts a little more with the bartender (she asks him for a foot massage and tells him that he's hot) and tells Maria that, after a couple of empty marriages, she's discovered that the secret to a long life is chocolates and "flirting with young, hopefully hung men." I don't seem so crass for my dickalicous link earlier, do I? She tells Maria that she needs to live it up, for soon she will be old and "in the way." Ouch. And, really?

At the casino bar, Dexter is sitting beside Billy Fleeter. A basketball game is holding Billy's attention. Dex VO's that he told Miguel to dress inconspicuously and he came dressed as the Unabomber. He's wearing all black -- including a black baseball cap and dark sunglasses. Dex says "good game" to Fleeter and he replies that it's a good game when they don't beat the point spread. I don't know what he's talking about. He has money on the game, and it doesn't seem like he likes Dexter very much. The game over, Dexter says "sorry" to Billy. He mumbles transparently, "Not half as sorry as someone else is going to be." They really couldn't get this guy? Maybe Miguel just really sucks at his job.

They follow Billy away from the bar and Miguel greets some guy. Dexter stops him and asks who it was and he says he doesn't know -- sometimes people recognize him. Dexter says the killing is off and they need to take down the kill room. Miguel says that no one uses that room, so they can decide tomorrow. Dexter looks like he's growing cold to this whole idea.

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