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Dex And Redemption

Over at Rita's, Dexter walks in as she's serving breakfast. "Hey, you!" "I wasn't expecting you this early!" she says, clearly happy to see him. "I didn't hit any traffic." She hands him a plate with some eggs and toast on it. "Where's your mom?" he asks guardedly. "I doubt she'll be joining us," she says. "She's been in her room all morning. My guess is she's packing." Reading her loud and clear, Dexter offers to leave, but Rita tells him to sit down and eat. "You're staying right here because you're a part of this family," she insists. Dex pauses, then says, "Are you sure? I've put you through so much lately." Rita just kisses him, and tells him she's there for him, no matter what. As she nuzzles him, Dex notices something on the top of her boob. "What's this?" he asks. "The patch," she says sheepishly. "I have some quitting of my own to do. Now, sit!" Dexter does as he's told, and he gets a text message just as Mama enters the kitchen. "Anything important?" asks Rita. The text is from Lila, and it reads, "When's the next road trip?" Couldn't help but notice his phone is from Boost Mobile, which is also what they use on Weeds. Guess Showtime's got a deal with them or some shit. Anyway, Mama comes in with her coffee, and cheerily says "Morning!" to Rita and Dexter. "Hi," says Dexter, not knowing how to act. "So, Rita assures me that you're committed to getting better." "I am," he says with a smile. "Then I want to be here to help. In fact, I've decided to stay in Miami. I emailed the school board my letter of resignation this morning." Dude, you really didn't have to... "What about your house?" asks Rita, unsure how she should feel about this. Mama says she'll put it on the market. "Sweetie, I thought about what you said last night. I haven't been here for you, and I want to change that." Dexter and Rita share a glance, and Dexter offers to help her look for an apartment, since looking on Deb's behalf has practically made him an expert. "Oh, don't be silly, I'll be living here!" says Mama. Oh, boy. She asks Dex to pass the cream without a second's hesitation, and he does so.

"Harry taught me to lie, and keep my darkest secrets from those around me, which is why I need to make sure there's not a trace of blood left on my boat." Naturally, Dexter's on his boat now, scrubbing her down carefully. "He also taught me not to rush to judgment," he continues, as we see Deb and Gabe reading a Kinko's copy of The Ice Princess together and smiling. "Things aren't always what they appear to be, including Harry. And what about me? Am I the twisted Bay Harbor Butcher, or the valiant Dark Defender? Only time will tell. Funny thing is, I've met someone who doesn't care what I am," and here's Lila, finishing up what I'm sure is another piece of disturbing, welded found art. "I suppose every hero needs a sidekick. Every villain or partner-in-crime. All my relationships have been built on not knowing, but that may be changing. Imagine that! A life with no more secrets." As Dexter walks off the pier, the shot pans upward to reveal a surveillance camera that you know leads right back to Lundy's computer. The noose is tightening.

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