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Dex And Redemption

Back at the motel, the door swings open, and Dexter walks in. Lila notices his bruised up hand (you know, from all the insane punching) and asks if he's all right. He goes over to the bed where she's sitting, and says, "I didn't --" "Shh, it's okay. I don't care what you did." Dexter collapses with her onto the bed, his face nestled firmly in her crotch. She caresses his head and comforts him. Man, I'm curious where this things of theirs is going.

Deb walks into the task force room, and asks Lundy what he's still doing there. "Making sure our marina surveillance is in place. You forget something?" "I'm working on rental logs." I thought you guys didn't see any know what? Forget it. "On the other two marinas," she says, making me an asshole. "You never give up, do you?" "Do you? I'm wide awake, anyway. Dexter's out of town, and I don't really sleep when I'm there by myself." "What about the new boyfriend?" asks Lundy, and Deb tells him they broke up. "Guess you won't be needing this, then," he says, holding up a file folder. "What's that?" "Background check," he replies, matter-of-factly. "You said you were snooping. I just thought I'd help." Ha! This guy's awesome. I kind of want him to sleep with Deb. Oh, whatever, you were thinking it, too. Deb's kind of astonished: "What's it say?" "Gabriel's clean. Well, except for those parking tickets." "Just because he's not a criminal doesn't mean he's not an asshole. I went through his email." Lundy makes a You Gotta Be Kidding Me face, and Deb says, "I know, but it was worth it, I mean...he was using me to shop around a book about the Ice Truck Killer." Lundy asks Deb if she knows what kind of writer Gabriel is, and after being met with a blank stare, he points at a portion of the file. "Children's books?" says Deb, crestfallen. Lundy looks at her paternally. "The Ice Princess is a children's book?" Lundy tells her, "When my wife met me, she was convinced I was a spy. Connie didn't know it, but she was actually right!" "You run a background check on her?" "No need." "Must be nice, to just know like that." "She died. Two years ago. Cancer." "I'm sorry. That's how I lost my mom." Aw, they're becoming buddies. Lundy tells Deb to give Gabe another chance, and Deb's not sure if that's possible: "I went insane on him." "Any broken bones involved? Facial contusions?" "No." "You'll be fine." Aw, he cares, you guys.

Next morning, Dexter wakes up with the sun on his face and a vagina on his cheek. Gonna be a good day! Lila says, "Do you want to know how I got into the program? I'd used for years. Binge, crash. Thought I had it under control. Then I met Marco." Yeah, that should have been a red flag in and of itself. "What a shit. Thought he was my boyfriend, but he turned out to be my dealer. Bastard had me so strung out by the time he left, nothing mattered. Nothing was left but rage. One night, I was so fucked up, I went to his house and I burned it to the ground. What I didn't know was that Marco was passed out inside. They blamed the fire on his drugs, but it was me. He died because of me. That night I went to my first meeting. Seeing that side of myself was terrifying, that I could possibly do that to another person." "Did he deserve it?" asks Dex. "Yes," she answers. Dexter takes his face out of her vadge and turns to look at her. They share a moment. "Then you didn't do anything wrong."

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