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Walls Closing In

...but when Deb and the rest of the MM idiots arrive at the scene, apparently clued in by an "anonymous" tip, they find the guy unconscious on his basement floor, with no evidence of the kill room but with the silver suit on prominent display. Still, though, is that enough evidence to link him to the murders? Batista said there were tons of sites that sold them; is there anything non-circumstantial here? I mean, this whole set of events just doesn't work. So Dexter has decided to take personal responsibility for his actions. So what? Why does that translate into not getting rid of a kid-killer, especially when the evidence available to convict him is shaky? He started killing again a month after spending years in a psych ward; what happens if he gets out of prison? I accept that the show has to use these villains to advance Dexter's character, but not that the advancement has to make no sense.

In a parking garage, Clint pulls up to find Dexter waiting for him. He tells Dexter he's glad he came to his senses and asks where his money is; Dexter tells him he's got it right there -- and opens his trunk to reveal rolls of plastic wrap. Clint doesn't get it, but he does get a needle in his neck...

...and then he's figuring out what the plastic is for as he comes to on a bored-looking Dexter's boat. Dexter informs Clint that he can't allow him to hurt Hannah and Clint, finally aware of which way the wind is blowing, begs Dexter not to do it, promising that he'll leave town and never bother Hannah again. He adds that Dexter doesn't have to do this, and Dexter's like, I know! But I'm realizing I want to! "Because unlike you, I care about Hannah." Clint is like, you got the Devil in you, leaving Dexter open to be like, actually, I think it's just me! And again: No. It's one thing for Dexter to acknowledge he's going off code to protect Hannah; it's another for him to enjoy it. Him not killing the PA and killing Clint is way worse than the other way around according to any casual standard of justice; he's leaving a child-killer potentially free to kill again one day while committing murder to prevent his girlfriend from going to jail for a murder she did commit. I have no problem with the writers making Dexter into a complete villain rather than an antihero, but it doesn't work if they're not aware, as I suspect, that that's what they're doing. Still, one false move, even a big one, is reparable. Dexter stabs Clint, throws his corpse overboard and then finally lets loose with an actual good one: "Sink or swim, Daddy." Hee. Wish he have gotten that one in while Clint was alive, but it wouldn't have been nearly as funny.

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