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Walls Closing In

Dexter's driving when he takes a call from Deb, who tells him they arrested the PA, thanks to him. However, she thinks Dexter made her a present of the PA so she'd lay off Hannah, which is not happening. "I always give in to you. But not anymore." I would think this hopelessly weird if not for what's coming at the end of the episode, but it makes more sense when you consider that she's warning him about something specific on which she's working.

Dexter arrives at Hannah's and she tells him she's got the money and that Clint should be there soon. Dexter, however, intones that he won't be coming, as he had a talk with him. "I made it clear that I wouldn't allow him to hurt you anymore. And I think he understood." I think Hannah also understands what happened as she asks, her voice cracking a little, "So he's gone?" I'm guessing in her mind, she thinks she should have killed him but she just couldn't bring herself to do it and it's a relief that Dexter did it for her. I like the ambiguity of the moment, though; it's one of the very few good things in this subplot. Dexter says, with finality, that Clint won't be bothering her again and Hannah nods her understanding, and hugs him and thanks him. He adds that she was right about the "Dark Rider" and that he doesn't exist. Hannah breaks the embrace and looks into his eyes as he adds that maybe she understands him better than he gets himself, whereupon Hannah tells him what she was going to tell him last episode -- she loves him. Breathing excitedly, he admits that he thinks she loves her too and they kiss tenderly...

...while, at the station, Deb asks Batista for help finding... Arlene Schram. Apparently, before Dexter called to say he'd pay (or maybe after; not like Clint wasn't capable of some true spite), Clint left Deb a message with the information that Schram was witness to a murder, so Dexter's not the only one with the police on his tail. Hopefully this ep will prove to be a blip in an otherwise good season, but I have to admit I have no idea how they're going to end this one. That could be good, or very, very bad.

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