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Walls Closing In

...and then he's turning up to the bus, which has an "It's" in front of "Bobby" written on the wall. While I'm gratified by the correct apostrophe use, I nevertheless would have enjoyed "Just Bobby" more, especially if accompanied by a drawing of jazz hands. Outside, Deb whispers conspiratorially to Dexter that Whack-A-Phil was sniffing the body and even though Dexter explains that he was probably checking for accelerant, Deb thinks it's weird enough behavior that he might be the PA, clich├ęd as she realizes that would be. Dexter, however, tells her that he's already eliminated Whack-A-Phil as a suspect, prompting Deb to get all het up about how he promised no police cases and why would he put himself in that situation, which would sound better if she hadn't JUST ASKED HIM if Whack-A-Phil set anything off in his "lizard brain." Masuka then calls to Deb that he's going to take the security footage down to the station and see if they can get eyes on the PA, and then Dexter gets a call from Hannah and does that one-sided TV shorthand, all, "Wait, slow down, what happened." Like, why do TV writers make it seem that everyone on the other side of any urgent phone call is SO HYSTERICAL that suddenly no one talking to them can understand their English? Hannah's a cold-hearted murderer; a little property damage turned her into a Southern belle with the vapors?

So apparently, Clint drove his truck into the greenhouse, as Dexter finds Hannah standing helplessly in front of it. Then Clint only shows his face AFTER Dexter arrives, which makes a lot of sense, I'm sure, and he's either drunk or fake-drunk; he tells Hannah tons of people must hate her and adds that she killed her mother, just done broke her heart with her evil murderin' ways and whatever. As I told you, I love Jim Beaver but this is just not working. Hannah cries and Dexter grabs Clint by the throat, shoving him against the truck and tells him to go, and Clint complies, but not before yelling that Hannah found herself "another winner." Seems unfair to compare that little display from Dexter to Randall's serial killing, but he'll have time to realize just how right he was.

LaGuerta and Captain Jack are meeting up at some dive and LaGuerta tells him that the only non-dead-end on the list is Dexter, "who conveniently moved his boat right when we were closing in on his marina during the official Bay Harbor Butcher investigation." Captain Jack thinks there's no way Dexter could be the killer and speculates that if Doakes wasn't the BHB, someone probably framed him and killed him -- most likely the real BHB -- so why not look into Doakes' final days? LaGuerta suggests they check out the cabin in the Everglades and apparently this subplot would have moved along a lot more quickly if LaGuerta could have hooked up with even one person in the Department who's neither an idiot nor actively obstructing her investigation.

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