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"Now I feel like a grown-up"
is stuffed with TV shows. Some people sit down and watch movies, I sit down and watch television.

Mr. S: Right on. Yeah, I used like Nip/Tuck a lot, but I feel this last season may have jumped the shark a little bit. I don't know what happened, but it became a little too soapy for me. Hopefully they'll get it together this season.

Benz: I just think Julian McMahon is brilliant on the show. I could watch him read a phone book, pretty much. I just think he's great. I love watching what choices he's going to make, and I just think he's a really great actor.

Mr. S: I've always been curious -- if you're sitting at home, watching TV, you know, flipping through the channels and you come across an old Buffy, or an episode of Dexter, will you sit and watch it? I've always wondered whether actors still get psyched if they see their work on TV, or if it become par for the course at some point, and you're just like, "Oh, yeah, there I am on TV, whatever, blah." You know what I mean?

Benz: Um, I can watch some really, really old stuff of mine, know, just to say, "God, what was I thinking having bangs?" or "I look so young, there!" As far as the newer stuff, I will watch my work, because I learn from watching, you know, like, "That choice worked there, but that one didn't work as much." I'm fascinated with directing and how they edit a show and I like to watch to see what perspective they're actually putting forward. When you shoot a scene, they shoot from all different angles and all that, but when it's all edited together, each scene is from somebody's perspective, so it's interesting to see whose perspective they pick, and I'm fascinated by that as well. So, I'll watch to see how they do that on our show. It is hard to get past the vanity of it all and really watch the performance. I do have to put some time between filming and watching it, because it can be a lot like watching a family movie, where I'm like, "That day, when we shot this scene, this happened," so it's more about what happened in my life than it is what's happening in the story, so I have to put a good six months to a year to forget about that day when we shot that scene. But I do use it as a learning tool. And with Dexter, especially, I don't get to see a lot of crime stuff, because I'm never there on those days, so I love to watch the show for that aspect of it, like, to see how the other actors work and how they play out the storyline and everything. I am a fan of the show, you know.

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