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Father Kills Best

Dexter breaks into Nathan's house.

Deb starts dancing to the music and gives Anton a sarcastic thumbs up. I love these two. Awesome chemistry.

Dexter VO's that there is a new code -- Nathan has stepped uninvited into his world. He looks over Nathan's shoulder to find pictures of Astor on his computer, so he strangles him angrily. He says crazily mid-strangle, "I am not like you." After it's over, he says, "Nobody hurts my children." As he drags Nathan through kitchen, he looks in the fridge and grabs milk.

Dexter goes home to Rita with milk. He grabs her stomach like he didn't in yoga. He says he's sending his positive intentions to their baby. She gets it. He says he's going to be a father and raise his child. What any man would do. "It's a jungle out there."

Jeff Long needs milk and also toilet paper. Must remember to get those. He can be reached at

Is Dexter the most sociopathic character on TV? Find out who might be worse.

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