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Father Kills Best

He rounds the corner with his cart to find Astor talking to an adult guy. Dexter VO's that his intuition lets him know when another "predator" is sniffing around his "cubs." They really don't know much about lions, is all I'm saying. Dex approaches and stares the guy down. Astor says that he asked her where the Cheerios are and the guy just looks back at Dex, apparently unaware that he is trying to get himself killed. Dex sends him to aisle 3 and the guy thanks them and leaves. They grab some zucchini and they're out of there. Outside, Dexter writes down (on his grocery list) the license plate number of the guy in the store, "just in case."

At the station, Vince is passing out copies of "FQ", Forensics Quarterly. Damn, that journal must have a pretty fast turnaround if he got published that quickly. No one seems enthusiastic about it. Quinn opens it up, as Vince describes the article as "sexy," and reads from the article-- "simultaneous quantification of autosomal and y-chromosomal DNA?" Vince offers to add a personal message to the autograph that he already put on the magazine. Quinn just drops the mag on his desk when Vince walks away.

In the break room, Deb laments not being able to find out Teegan's identity. Also, she says that Freebo hasn't been found. Quinn kind of invades Dexter's space or something at the coffee machine-- the noise he's making annoy Dex and he opens the cabinet, which almost hits Dex in the head. Nothing he's doing is that overtly obnoxious, but maybe Dexter is having some of that intuition that he was talking about earlier. Quinn says to Dex that sugar is much better than artificial sweetener. Then, he asks Dex if he likes milk or cream. Neither. He smiles and says that Dexter isn't the chatty type and Dex agrees that he isn't.

Angel sees Miguel enter the station and he starts self-consciously barking orders about hitting the streets and making phone calls to find Freebo. He's learning from Maria! Miguel starts walking in slow motion and Dex VO's that Miguel is the only living person to have seen him in action. Miguel and Maria hug -- he says that he's still grieving for Oscar and she says that it will get better. He thanks Maria for making Dexter available to him. He says that Dex went to great efforts to make him understand how Oscar's last moments unfolded. Dex hears them talking and wonders via VO why Miguel is trying so hard to be his friend. Miguel suggests to Maria that, since more than 48 hours have passed since Oscar's murder, it is statistically unlikely that they will find Freebo (and realistically unlikely thanks to Dex), so maybe they should call off the investigation. She replies that now is no time to slow down. Nice try, Prado.

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