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Father Kills Best

Miguel drops by Dexter's desk and invites him to the Viernes Cultural that evening at the beach. He says that he doesn't think that Rita will want to go, but apparently Syl already called her and they're going. Great. When Miguel leaves, Angel asks Maria if Miguel is ever going to question the witness who can exonerate Chicky Hines, which is maybe the best name ever, right? Maria seems pretty evasive and says that she assumed Miguel had already spoken with the witness. Uh huh. "I'm sure he'll get to it," she says and Angel just keeps staring at her. She agrees to have a talk with him.

Deb says that another murder has been reported -- this guy is missing skin like Teegan was. Looks like Freebo struck again. Or not, as Dexter points out in his VO. Miguel watches the update from afar. At the beach, Deb identifies the murder victim as Javier Garza, the guy who led Deb to Freebo via Teegan. He's got an even larger section of missing skin than Teegan had. She puts the lotion on, anyone? Vince says that same sort of knife was used on Javier that was used on Teegan, so it's likely that it's the same killer. Deb is fired up that it's Freebo that did it and Angel agrees. Quinn says it's like the killer is hungry for flesh. Vince asks if perhaps the killer is eating the flesh. What a little weirdo. Everyone just kind of stares at him and he very defensively replies, "There are a lot more cannibals out there than anyone realizes." This dude dates cannibal girls, you know it. Quinn offers that maybe the skin is some sort of trophy. Deb asks Dexter what he thinks and he just says that all of the ideas are good theories. Dex is always really good at not looking suspicious, wouldn't you say? Deb's like, "Way to commit." Angel says that, with this fresh evidence, they have a new chance to catch Freebo. Um. Dexter is really quiet right here. Angel tells all of them not to blow this.

So Deb and Quinn need to gather statements from witnesses. Quinn suggests that Deb talk to the two guys trimming the palm trees nearby (they reported the dead body) while he talks to the two girls in bikinis. What a trooper. Deb asks the tree trimmer if he could come down and talk to her. There's a lingering shot of the tree trimmer before he agrees to come down. Totally the killer. He is all smiley and says that his name is George Washington King. How American! He is so completely and absolutely the killer. I'm sorry -- I'm not giving anything away. They couldn't have made him look like a bad guy any more had they put vampire teeth on him. Not that all vampires are bad. Zombie... eyes? What really makes a zombie a zombie? They're all bad. They couldn't have made him look like a bad guy any more had they given him distinct zombie features. Anyway, the other tree trimmer joins them and he's totally shifty and is all, "I keep my eyes on my work!" He's cute though. Still, if there's not something going on here... I'd be surprised. And living in a parallel universe where reality isn't reality, because he's the killer. Maybe it's like Anton's brother and dad and they're a family of tree-trimming, musician people carvers.

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