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Father Kills Best

Deb catches up with Dexter and asks him if he wants to got for a drink and talk about her Jane Doe. He can't because he has "stuff going on." What stuff? Let's see, well, Rita's pregnant. Deb is stunned and asks him if he's lying. "A mutherfucking, roly-poly, chubby-cheeked shit machine?" If policing doesn't work out, she should really try out the Iowa Writer's Workshop. Dexter says he'd never heard fatherhood described in those words, but... yes, he's having a kid. She's seriously thrilled and says that she's very happy for him and Rita. I love Jennifer Carpenter.

Later, Dexter is playing with an action figure while Rita is getting ready. She kind of pauses for a second because she's not feeling well (morning sickness, in the afternoon) and Dex asks her if she wants to stay home. She says that she wants to see Syl and she knows how much he enjoys hanging out with Miguel. He VO's that Miguel is his "new bestest friend." Rita tells Dexter that she was at the doctor and filled out an extensive questionnaire about her medical background. She told the doctor that Dex was adopted, and he says he doesn't really know anything about the medical history of his biological parents. He VO's regarding his history, "My mother was killed by a chainsaw. My brother was killed by -- well, me." Rita seems disappointed. He agrees to go the doctor and have himself checked out if that will make her more comfortable. Poor sad Rita seems thrilled by this. She says that she's glad that they are in this together and that he'll make a great father...if he wants to. Seriously, how sad must it be to have morning sickness and be trying to convince the daddy to be a daddy? But, no pressure!

At the beach, we see dancing girls who are a party of Viernes Cultural. Syl offers Rita what appears to be some fried food and says that it will settle her stomach. She says that she's excited about the baby, but Dexter is still overwhelmed. Syl replies that men are babies that need to be carried kicking and screaming into fatherhood. Didn't she just say in the last episode that Miguel kept pressuring her to start a family before he ran for DA? Doesn't sound like he's being dragged to me. Of course, maybe she's just being a good girlfriend and trying to make her feel better. She adds that men are afraid of losing their freedom and this sort of strikes a nerve with Rita.

Miguel introduces Dexter to his other brother Ramon. Ramon asks Dex how it feels to be a part of the team that can't catch his brother's killer. I'm predicting death for Ramon. He can't seem to calm himself. Dex and Miguel walk away and one of the vendors at the festival gives them free beer. Miguel says it's because people know he's on their side. I'm on the side of people and I never get free beer. Not just on the street like that. Miguel asks Dexter how he feels about being a father and Dexter answers that he's having mixed emotions. Miguel says that Dexter will see his way through it. Then, he asks Dex if Freebo is really dead, since Javier's murder is being attributed to him. Dex assures him that he's dead. Miguel asks Dex if he's unsettled and Dex VO's that Miguel is looking for some sort of sign that he's normal. So, he says that he hasn't been sleeping well lately, since he killed Freebo. That was easy. Miguel says that Dexter did the right thing and it will not be forgotten.

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