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Father Kills Best

Later that night, Dexter researches the guy from the grocery store. His name is Nathan Marten. And, Dexter's instincts were correct -- he's a registered sex offender. He spent four years and jail. There's a knock on Dexter's door. It's Miguel. He can't get rid of this guy. He sounds like he has been drinking. He says that Ramon's rudeness to Dexter has been nagging him and he wanted to come and apologize. He brought a bottle of rum. So, they go out on the landing. I love how Dexter's too OCD to let him come into his home. Later, after it seems that Miguel has had a few, he tells a story about how as a barely teenager, his father caught him drinking his rum and hit him with the bottle. Gave him eight stitches. That's crazy. He probably spilled the rest of the booze. Way to punish someone for drinking your stuff -- by spilling the rest of it? Stupid dad. Jimmy Smits is very good at playing drunk. His voice is higher and a little childlike and it just seems really appropriate to me. He says that his father was a college professor in Cuba and he was five when they came to America. His father was angry for the rest of his life about what Castro stole from him. Miguel says his father thought he was a failure and Dexter (who is only fake drinking) says that his own father was disgusted with him and neither Rita nor Deb know that. Miguel says his father was an idiot. He also says that his own father wasn't around for Oscar. Dexter replies, "Sorry," and via VO, "that I killed him." They "drink" to Oscar.

Miguel suggest that they dump Freebo's body somewhere and they'll make sure that Ramon hears about it -- case closed. Dexter says that the body is gone, but Miguel persists and says that he can just show him where it is. This is getting stressful. Dexter says that he will take him to the burial place the next day. Miguel leaves and Dexter dumps the drink he wasn't drinking anyway.

Deb finds Anton at a restaurant. He hasn't been answering her phone calls and she had to track him down. She wants information about Javier. He leaves the table and goes to the restroom. He's trying to get away from her -- he says that a conversation with her (like the one she had with Javier) could get you killed. She won't leave him alone, so he pulls out a joint. He doesn't believe that she'll arrest him, but he doesn't think she'd want to be around while he's smoking an illegal drug. He was wrong -- she arrests him. These two are really hot together.

At the hospital, Dex is getting an MRI. There's a sort of ham-fisted analogy between him being a killer and paying some one so that he can be "virtually dissected." He has a vision where he imagines Harry comparing his brain scan to others. He shows a brain with a small right hemisphere -- that person can't process emotion; and one scan with a lot of activity in the sub-cortex -- that person has feelings of aggression and violence. Then, he shows Dexter that his own brain scan matches those exactly.

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