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Father Kills Best

Later, Dexter and Miguel are in a cemetery. Prado is drinking from a bottle of water and looks as though he's nursing a hangover. Dex says that fresh graves are dug a day before a funeral, then they lay a tarp on top. He lies that he put Freebo in one of the graves and covered it with a little dirt, so that it was covered with a casket the next day. Great, so Miguel says he'll just have a judge order that the body be exhumed so they can find Freebo's corpse. Dexter fake freaks out and says that he bets his physical evidence is all over the body and they can't exhume it. Miguel agrees, but he says he can't have the homicide department focusing on Freebo when there's another killer on the loose. They need to steer the police in the right direction. Seriously, this is very tense.

Rita and Dexter are on the beach and Astor and Cody are playing at a distance. Rita asks him what he thinks about cowboys. "Rugged American heroes." Not what she meant -- she is thinking of using them for the baby's room. I guess she's planning on a boy? She seems disappointed by his answer. He asks her if she's ready for the yoga class -- that's gonna be good. When they get up to leave, we see a camera frame clicking pics of Astor. It's Nathan, and Dexter sees him. "As the sun sets, the lowly scavengers reveal themselves." Lots of nature metaphors in this episode. Astor recognizes Nathan and Rita asks who he is. Nothing to worry about, he responds. "The lion never fears the jackal," he VO's. Unless you're a cub -- sometimes jackals eat lion cubs. Just adding that.

Believe it or not, here are Rita and Dex in a yoga class. As he's trying to be a "strong warrior" he VO's that this is "absolutely, without a doubt the worst moment of my life." Then, the teacher gets right in his face and talks some yoga mumbo-jumbo to him and he decides that, no, this is the worst moment. He contemplates killing the teacher, says no one would even know what happened. She tells all of the fathers to place their hands on the belly's of the moms and to send positive intentions to the unborn baby. Dexter is afraid of hurting her and she has to pull his hand to her stomach.

At the courthouse, Chicky Hines was sentenced. Outside the courtroom, Miguel tells reporters that he's happy with the sentencing. Maria is waiting for him and asks him why he didn't interview Angel's witness. He says the witness is "probably" just a low-life trying to stay out of jail. He tells Maria to trust him then walks away. Chicky's attorney, played by Anne Ramsey from Mad About You, says that Prado is despicable and should be ashamed of himself for sending an innocent man to prison for 20 years.

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