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Father Kills Best

Back at the station, Deb jokes to Dex that she's thinking of putting Teegan on a milk carton. This gives Dex an idea. Then, Quinn comes up super-pissed and asks why Deb locked up his CI. She says it's not "his" CI, unless there's something he needs to tell. She's starting to sound like Yuki. She's gonna be with Internal Affairs very soon, I think. Quinn complains to Angel and Deb explains that Anton became hostile, produced and joint, and smoked it. He wouldn't respect her anymore if she didn't arrest him. Angel sides with Deb, then whispers that she needs to cut him loose.

At some marina restaurant, Nathan is sitting alone with his giant camera on the table. Dex sits down with him. He doesn't recognize Dexter and he reminds him about the grocery store. He feigns recognition and Dex cuts him off with, "Shut the fuck up, Nathan. Stay away from my kids." He says that he's a photographer, that's all. But, Dex says he knows who he is. The guy says he made one mistake and he has paid for it. Dexter says that change is impossible. "We are what we are." Not to sound high-falutin, but I wonder if that could be part of Dexter's journey. What if he started to believe that people could change?

That night (Dexter describes night as "good for the hunter, bad for the hunted), he pulls up to Nathan's house. He looks in and sees Nathan unpacking groceries. His house is pretty nice too. Recently released sex offenders are finding better jobs than they used to. Dexter says that Nathan doesn't fit the code, because he hasn't killed anyone. He goes home and pulls a picture of Teegan up and prints it out. Prado calls his cell phone but he doesn't answer. That guy needs to give a brother a little space.

The next day, Dexter VO's that Deb is a good cop because she's like a dog with a bone. So, he's leading her to the bone. They meet for lunch and she gives him a yellow onesie with a police badge on the cover. Nice neutral color there. Then, she says that, for a girl, Debra might be a good name. Haven't heard that one before. He says he's not sure if he's going to be around for the baby and she hits him on his arm and calls him a moron. How could he say that? Where would he be without Harry? He says he doesn't want to screw the kid up and she hits him again. He will make a great father, but it's not about him -- it's about the kid. Then, she sees a picture of Teegan on a bulletin board (Dexter put it there). She tells Dex he's the best brother in the world and everything's going to be fine -- then she's out of there.

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