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Father Kills Best

At the station, Deb and Angel return from having gone to Teegan's apartment. Freebo had been there. Phone records indicate that he called a girl four hours before Teegan was killed and the girl says they were in bed together the next day. He also called Teegan's cell phone several times after she was killed, effectively eliminating him as a suspect in her death. Maria is pissed now, because this means they have no trace of Freebo.

Vince sees Quinn's copy of FQ in the garbage with gum on it. He says that it is an insult to him and his people. Quinn tries to apologize, but he calls him asswipe and walks away. Quinn wants to know, "Who the fuck are his people?" Angel says, "Little scientists, I guess." Laughs all around. Angel says that they are starting from square one -- and there are two cases again. He assigns Quinn and Deb to the case of the skinner. And, since he's connected, she needs to make up with Anton.

In the parking lot Deb marvels at her luck with finding Teegan's picture. Dex tells her that you make your own luck, or I guess your brother could make it for you. As Dexter is getting into his car, he gets a call from Miguel. He says to meet him under a bridge. I know it's not in the code, but I'd have to kill Miguel for just making me so nervous all of the time. Miguel is waiting for him. He has good news. He says he's impressed that Dexter got police to not focus on Freebo as the culprit in the extra murders. He says notices that Dexter always has his guard up. He wants Dex to trust him, so he gives him the shirt with Freebo's blood on it. Wow, that's not what I expected to happen with that shirt. It incriminates him, and he wants Dex to trust him, so it's his for safe-keeping. Why? He likes Dex -- he likes working with him. He tells Dex that he is a good man and says Dex has a lot of potential is the only one who doesn't know that. After he's gone, Dexter wonders if he has a friend with who he can share his dark spaces. He certainly has a friend. I don't know about all of the sharing the dark places stuff, but he knows that he can at least trust Miguel.

Deb visits Anton at a music club and apologizes by saying that she feels "not good" about what happened. He says that he's been working on a song about her and she can't hide that she's thrilled.

Meanwhile, Deb is driving and gets a call from Rita. They need milk for the kids' breakfast.

Anton starts playing his song and Deb is totally psyched. It's in Spanish and she tells some girls beside her that the song is about her. One girl says to another girl about Deb, "She's the skinny mean bitch!" Some people have pointed this out on the forums and I think it's a very good point. She's a cop living in Miami who worked undercover in vice... seems like she would know some Spanish. Not that vice is all about Spanish-speaking folks, but your dealing with people on the streets and need their help and, since there are so many Spanish-speaking people in Miami, it would just seem that you would know some of their language. She gets that she's been had and just looks at Anton with a smirk.

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