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Dex 'n' Doakes 'n' Doakes 'n' Dex, Partez-Two?

It's beach day, and Angel is chasing the kids around, pretending to be a monster of some kind. They pass Dex and Rita, who are sitting, and the winded Angel tags Dexter to take his place. Dexter doesn't get up. "I tagged you!" says Angel, hoping for some relief. "So?" "So you're a monster now!" "Really?" says Dexter listlessly. Dexter apologizes, using his "tight leg" as an excuse while the kids taunt Angel in the background. Angel, resigned, continues to give chase, leaving Rita and Dex to talk. "It's too soon, isn't it?" she asks. "For this? Us." "No, Rita, that's not it at all." Knowing something isn't right, she asks, "Then what is it?" He looks her in the eyes and looks very vulnerable. "I always thought my father died of heart disease," he says. "I just found out that's not true. He committed suicide." "Oh, God," she says, putting a comforting hand on his neck. Dexter says he doesn't understand why Harry would do that to himself, "or me." Rita presses her forehead against Dexter's, and they sit like that for a little while. God, she's tasty. Hey, Lila hasn't shown up! She must be up to something...

Dexter's driving alone, and he VOs, "Whatever Harry did, and why, I can't let it distract me from my mission. Not when freedom is so close." He gets another text from Harlow that reads, "Found out where your cabin is. On my way. I want my fucking snow!" "Shit." Dexter pulls over the car. "No one appreciates uninvited house guests. Unless I can make the problem part of my solution." Dexter pulls out the phone and texts Harlow back: "Got your snow. Meet me behind my bar in one hour. Alone." Uh oh! I got a feelin' there's some doings a-transpirin'!

I knew Lila was up to something. Down at some local basketball courts, she meets up with a guy who's very obviously a drug dealer. "Are you Chad?" she asks. He gives her the standard "depends on what you're looking for" response. She says her friend told her to come to him to get rohypnol. "Roofies? You?" he says, astounded. Can't say I blame him. "Just not my normal kind of customer, you know what I mean?" "Oh, do stop talking!" she says, exasperated. He gives her the pills, and she leaves. "Good luck with that!" he calls after her. What a douche. Yes, both of them.

Deb meets Lundy at an outside restaurant, and being the chivalrous gentleman that he is, Lundy pulls out her chair and seats her. "Thanks for coming," he says. Her demeanor is frosty, and she doesn't say anything. "I thought we should talk," he says. "No, I should talk," she replies. "I mean, I yell a lot. I bitch and complain, and I keep expecting people to just guess what I want, but I never really say it." "I'd like to hear it." Deb explains that when he asked her what she thought would happen when the case ended, she had no idea. "That was...exciting, you know? The not knowing. What could happen, what could be. It was all...possibility. And when you just assumed that we ended when the case ended, you crushed that." Lundy looks down at his place setting. "I want it back." He asks her if she knows what he thought. "What?" "I thought the novelty of my AARP discount would wear off and you'd get tired of me." "Oh my God. That's the sweetest thing you've ever said!" They share a chuckle, and look each other in the eyes, smiling. Lundy's phone rings, and he has no option but to answer it. After a moment, he says, "We're on our way," and hangs up. "What do we got?" "A hit on one of Doakes's IDs at a car rental agency." They head out. Good thing they didn't get their appetizers.

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