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Dex 'n' Doakes 'n' Doakes 'n' Dex, Partez-Two?

Dexter's taping up the plastic wrap around Doakes's cage. "There's no way people are going to believe I did this," says Doakes, pissed. "You were U.S. Special Forces. I'm sure you have done this." Doakes says wartime circumstances are much different than cold-blooded killing. "I'm sure that made things easier for you," says Dex. As Dex is about to close off the cage with plastic, Doakes pleads with him. "Morgan, this is some sick fuck ritual, you need help!" "Don't worry, Sergeant, I won't make you watch. I'm not uncivilized." He covers the cage, over Doakes's protests. "You don't have to kill this man!" "This man is a felon with a body count! He brought it on himself!" Doakes implores Dexter to turn the guy in to the law, but Dex responds that he lives by Harry's law, and starts cutting. Blood pools at the base of the cage, and Doakes looks distraught.

A while later, Dexter is stacking the garbage bags filled with Harlow's remains. He takes the plastic off of Doakes's cage. Doakes is sitting with his back to the room, looking vacant. "Sorry it had to go down like this, Sergeant, but there really was no other way." He gets no response. "Sergeant?" "Stay away. Just stay away from me." "I've heard those words before," Dex VOs, "three days before my father's death." Flashback?

Yes! Mop-topped Dex is cutting up a victim, and Harry walks in. He looks like he just walked in on Dexter masturbating. "Oh, hey Dad," says Dexter hopefully. "Look what I did!" he says, walking around the body. "It's Juan Rainez, the pimp who killed that girl. I finally got him for you." Harry looks broken, like something in him has snapped. He looks at the body for a minute, then at Dexter. He turns around and pukes orange chunks, which is gross. "Dad?" says Dexter, coming to Harry's side. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" "Just stay away, please. Stay away." Dexter looks back at the body, a confused look on his face.

"It was me," VOs Dexter, slowly backing away from the cage. "The idea of a code was one thing. A grand idea. A noble cause. But the reality of it...Harry walked in on what he created, and he couldn't live with himself." Dexter stands there, staring into space, as Doakes turns around in his cage. "What, Morgan? What now?" "I killed my father."

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