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Dex 'n' Doakes 'n' Doakes 'n' Dex, Partez-Two?

The elevators open at the station, and Deb and Lundy break the lip-lock they've got going for fear of being called out on some serious PDA. Deb walks out ahead of him, and Lundy says, "What's wrong? This place is a ghost town this early. Besides, I thought we were 'out' as a couple." "'Out' and 'flaunting it' are two different things." Fair enough. "Don't ask, don't tell?" "Works for the military." Yeah, not really. "Not really." I like you, Lundy. They head into the BHB room, and Deb notices a file on her desk. "Excellent! My subpoena for Doakes's phone records came through. He isn't much of a talker." Lundy suspects that Doakes doesn't have many friends, which is probably true. "Except for one," says Deb. She shows Lundy the file, which has Doakes's phone call to LaGuerta listed. "Doakes called her right after we launched the manhunt," observes Lundy, and Deb mentions that they could have traced the phone call. Lundy disagrees with this, knowing that Doakes wouldn't have stayed on the line long enough to be traced. "But LaGuerta should have given us the chance." Deb gets excited at the prospect of Lundy reaming Maria out, but Lundy gives the honor to Deb. "Me? I can't dress down my own boss!" "It's your subpoena." "Your case!" "Our case, and I need to know if your lieutenant can be counted on. You know her better than I do." Lundy nonchalantly offers Deb some lox. "Gross. Seriously, though, that'll just get me in deeper shit with her. LaGuerta already hates me." Lundy says he won't always "be around to run interference." Deb jokes that he still has at least "another five, ten good years in ya." "I mean I won't be around once this case ends." Uh oh. Dude, Deb's insecurity is not a box you want to open. ...Shit. Too late. Deb's face has already fallen.

Dexter climbs back through his bathroom window, being careful not to hurt his leg. He VOs, "Taking a life is one thing, but the care and feeding of it is another. I can't keep my problem locked away in a cabin forever." Dex collapses into his tub, and sits there for a moment, contemplating. "Harry always said there were plenty of people who deserved to die, but no matter how hard I close my eyes and wish, Doakes isn't one of them." He heads to the bedroom, where he falls on the bed. "Harry. He never prepared me for this one. What do I do? What would you do?" Dexter closes his eyes, clearly preparing himself for a flashback.

A woman lies dead on the pavement, an evidence marker lying by her head. Harry barks commands to someone, telling him to wake up Judge Moorehouse for a warrant. A younger (but still adult) Dexter watches, and his wig looks ridiculous. Deb leans out of the car window behind Dexter, and her wig also looks ridiculous, as do her glasses, which are somehow supposed to imply that she's younger. "She was dumped?" she says absently, clearly anxious to be involved somehow. "Debra," says Harry, "get back inside the car like I told you." She does as she's told, and Harry approaches Dexter. "Blunt trauma to the head?" asks Dex. Harry immediately gives him a look. "I went over there. No one saw." After a pause, Harry explains that a blow to the head killed the woman, "but she took a brutal beating beforehand. The guy who did this is an evil bastard." "You know who it was?" "Oh, yeah. I've been trying to nail him for a while. Pimp named Juan Rainez. She was one of his girls." "She was dumped, right?" asks Deb again, from inside the car. "Get back in the truck!" demands Harry, and again Deb slinks back into her seat, disappointed.

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