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Dex 'n' Doakes 'n' Doakes 'n' Dex, Partez-Two?

Next morning, Dexter walks down a long dock holding the same utensils he get Doakes's prints on. "Every Saturday, beginning dive classes practice underwater skills beside this dock. Tomorrow they'll find a morbid little surprise. When the Feds receive these kill tools, with their suspect's prints on them, the only threat to me will be the inane rants of a murderous madman." Dexter drops the tools into the water right beside the dock, looking around to make sure nobody's around. He turns around and takes off his sunglasses, closing his eyes and basking in the sun. "So close I can feel it. This tragic tale might still end in Doakes's demise, but not by my hands. Harry's legacy will remain intact." Dexter starts walking back to his car. "Harry. Why in the hell did Doakes have to bring up Harry?" Yeah, really. What does he know?

I'm assuming this flashback might shed some light on that. It's Deb's birthday, and she blows out the candles on her cake. She and Dexter are still wearing their awful wigs, so I'm assuming this is around the same time as the previous flashback. Everyone's smiling and laughing, and there's a knock at the door. Harry answers, and it's Matthews, who's still a lieutenant. Harry offers him a slice of cake, but Matthews demurs, because he needs to talk to Harry in private. They head to the kitchen, and Deb cuts a huge slice and hands it to Dexter. Her smile is wiped away when we hear Harry scream, "Dammit!" He smashes a beer bottle on the kitchen cabinet, and says, "Rainez is gonna walk because of a goddamn typo?" I hate to say it, but I feel like they could have used another couple of takes there. Remar's delivery on that line was pretty feeble. Matthews explains that there was faulty warrant, and that there's nothing they can do. Deb and Dex share a look. "This is bullshit!" "Harry, don't worry. Rainez will make another mistake!" "Yeah, right. We'll just wait for him to kill another girl!" Matthews makes his way out, wishing Deb a happy birthday as he exits. Deb heads to the kitchen to clean up the broken bottle as Harry sits down. Dex walks over to him. "You okay, Dad?" "I did the right thing in training you," he says intensely. "This just proves it. I did the right thing." Hmm...wonder if Harry wants Dex to do something for him?

Deb has arrived at the station, and is walking inside when Lundy stops her. "What's going on here?" "Nothing, according to you." "So, I said something?" he asks, not sure what he did wrong. "Only that this relationship has an expiration date." He looks hurt. "Hey, if you want to write it off before it even begins, you go ahead." "When did I say that?" "Yesterday morning, you said when the case ends, we end. I'm paraphrasing." Lundy explains that he thought she understood that he tracks killers for a living, and that they tend to move around: "I'm not sure what you thought would happen when the case ended." Deb says she hadn't thought about it, "but it looks like you have, so now I know. Consider me informed." Oh, Jesus. Always with the dramatics, this one! She brushes past him and heads inside. He looks like he has no idea what just happened.

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