This Is The Way The World Ends

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This Is The Way The World Ends…

When Dexter gets to the scene, Batista tells him they've been waiting on him, which is RIDICULOUS, like at least Masuka would have gone in, when have they EVER waited for Dexter and they would ALWAYS search the entirety of the premises for more victims, anyone alive, etc., but of course the story can't permit them to go in and see the Dexmaster painting, which is so inconsequential they never should have done it in the first place. God! It's maddening how lazy the writers are. When Dexter gets in and sees the painting, he of course realizes it was Colin Hanks's handiwork, and then spies a hammer lying nearby and raises an eyebrow...

...and then Quinn shows up late LIKE ANYONE CARES, and then they all go in without Dexter having told them to so WHAT WAS THE POINT OF LETTING HIM GO IN FIRST, and Batista wonders why Colin Hanks would have smashed in the Beast's face, and Dexter's like, no idea, let me go photograph the victims, which you'd think I would have been doing in the ten minutes I was in here alone, no? Then Deb finds him and thinks he's giving her the eye and EW, and then Deb tries to get her hormones under control and concentrate on work, but she can't, so she decides to go back to the office. Maybe a cold shower on the way, too. Dexter then notices something in the trash and fishes out the drawing Colin Hanks did, like, I don't know what the point of him doing it was if he was just going to throw it out, but anyway, it seems to depict a tall building and the eclipse. DVO realizes that maybe Colin Hanks isn't finished, and adds that his one advantage is that Colin Hanks thinks he's dead...

...but we'll see that that cuts both ways. Colin Hanks apparently was going to return to the crime scene, which makes no sense given the pointless scene from before, but it does give us another chance to see his No Dessert Face when he catches sight of the cops. He pulls over and wonders what to do now, and then bites into that apple WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE, and we see him chewing on the damn thing for five seconds. In the season finale. Finally, though, he gets an idea -- since he's got Dexter's wallet and keys and the dude is dead, because what kind of contrivances would have had to come together for him not to be, why not crash at his place for a while? Of course, you'd think it might be risky to turn up to the place of someone recently deceased and as such might be overrun with cops, but I suppose he's fairly light on options. On the other hand, the eclipse is in only a few hours and he still needs a sacrifice, right? Oh, was I not supposed to notice that?

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