This Is The Way The World Ends

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This Is The Way The World Ends…

At the command center, this time the solar building fails to check in, so Deb and her team rush off. They find the officer's corpse but, of course, fail to turn Colin Hanks up, and Deb is despondent at her apparent failure. She steps away to go to pieces in some measure of privacy, but LaGuerta goes over to tell her she made the right call and assures her Deb will find Colin Hanks, adding that Deb will be a great Lieutenant if she learns to prioritize and act with less emotion. She urges Deb to take control, and it's a nice enough speech but see above for my feelings on LaGuerta's behavior.

Dexter stops home, taking a moment to re-dose Colin Hanks with animal tranquilizer and kind of hilariously wonder about him wearing his shirt, and then drops Harrison off with Jamie, saying he's got to take care of the crime scene for Deb but won't be too late. I think you may eat those words, Dexter. He cutely tells Harrison that he loves him no matter whether he's a lion or a lamb, and then DVO adds that maybe love is all he needs to pass on to his son. Aww.

At Carson City Metro, Deb barges into Saint Therapist's office and informs her she told Dexter she loves him. She asks if this is horribly wrong, and instead of using smoke signals, semaphore flags, and every other form of communication possible to say "YES, GOD DAMN YOU, YES!" Saint Therapist merely asks if it feels wrong, and instead of doing what I just suggested Deb says she's always been avoiding the fact that she's in love with Dexter, and she wants him to understand. Well, good luck with that, and by that I mean bad luck with that. Bad, terrible luck with that.

Colin Hanks, on Dexter's table, starts to come to and woozily greets Jesus, but Dexter stepping into frame wakes him up in a hurry. Dexter intones that this is the way the world ends, and given how culturally removed Dexter always seems, I wonder if the line is a coincidence rather than a quotation of The Hollow Men. Colin Hanks yells about bringing about the end of the world, but Dexter, dripping with contempt, says he's known men of faith before, and they would never have used religion as an excuse to commit multiple murders. Colin Hanks spits that Dexter is a great example of how putrid man has become, but Dexter diffidently replies that he's a father, a son and a serial killer, making the sign of the cross as he utters the words, which scores him points in my book.

Colin Hanks claims Dexter will burn in hell, but, as Dexter takes his blood sample in the usual way, he easily counters that he belongs right where they are. "Because maybe there is a place for me in this world. Just as I am." Dexter goes back to the theme of light and dark, fairly tiresomely, but then picks up Colin Hanks's sword and tells him he knows the world will be a better place without him. Colin Hanks babbles some more about believing in God's plan, but Dexter notes that by that logic, God wants Colin Hanks to die on Dexter's table, and then snarls that God has nothing to do with any of this.

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