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Gross Point Shank

Dexter goes to check on sleeping Harrison. Then, the next day, Dex and Deb are walking around a school with a nun as she talks about structure and freedom and all of that stuff that kids need. She says that admission into the pre-school means acceptance into the secondary school, which is a feeder school to "the finest Ivy league schools in the country." That's redundant, since Ivy League schools are considered the finest schools in the country. The very term Ivy League denotes quality, as well as ivy. Not that I'm not sick to hear about hearing about people's effing Ivy League educations. Yeah, your school is old. Congrats. We had margaritas at mine. I'm pretty sure I win under any standard. The sister says admissions are rigorous and asks how they were referred. Angel's kid went there. Oh, in THAT case, this should be a breeze, because of the social pull Lord Poncy Chauncy Angel Batista has. I mean, he is always flexing his social muscle, with the shirts and the... shirts. Really? My point is that the writers are just making shit up that contradicts other shit now. Deb points out for the nun that Angel is part of the police department and they PROTECT them (subtle, I know, but at least that sounds like something Deb would say). The sister remembers Angel's daughter and says she did well there. She assumes that Dexter is Catholic and, though in VO he admits that he's sort of intrigued by a lot of the bloody Jesus imagery, he says that he is not. Protestant? No. Jewish. No. Muslim? Heh. She asks him what he believes in and he says nothing. He doesn't believe in anything.

Later, when he's putting Harrison into his car, Deb asks him if he's not sold on this place. He's not and the religion aspect is part of that. Deb also wants to know if it's true that he doesn't believe in anything. He says that he does in fact believe in a set of principles. What principles? Rules that he can follow in the world that will keep him out of trouble. Deb is kind of confused. She admits that she's not very religious and her mother had to drag her to church, but she thinks that a belief system based on not getting in trouble sounds like something you might teach a puppy. Not poodles! If it's not about their quality of life, poodles are like, "Later, Asshole, I AM FANCY." Deb thinks that philosophy sound cold and empty. This looks like it's news to Dexter. She continues that he has to think about what he wants Harrison to believe. She tells him that she'll see him back at the station for LaGuerta's "costume party" and then he's on his way. He thinks a lot about what he wants to teach Harrison to believe. He doesn't want Harrison to get his dark passenger, but he hasn't spent much time thinking about what he does want him to get.

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