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Gross Point Shank

Maria is packing up her office when Angel pays her a visit. She says that she's recommending him for her previous position. He says that she doesn't owe him anything (she does), but she says that she's recommending him because he's the best person for the job. Really? Welllll, she also needs someone in that job who she can trust. She tells him that he needs to start thinking about his future. Right? It's a miracle that a guy who needs to think about his future in a job he's already good at has the wherewithal to enroll his daughter in a known Ivy league track school. OK, I'm letting go of that. She tells him to think about the job and then she calls him Lieutenant Batista.

Meanwhile, Dexter is trying to teach himself football rules, because he's going to play a game of touch football with the people from his reunion and still needs to get Joe's blood. Deb comes in and tells him there's a situation. They arrive at the fruit stand and it's a crime scene. Gross, there are entrails in the scales. Masuka is being bombastic in front of his students and tells them that a very lucky someone will get to be his intern and everyone assumes it will be the hot girl. Deb deduces that the killing could have been drug related. Quinn pulls her aside and asks her to have dinner with him later because he needs to talk to her about something. She tells him to just say it, but he doesn't want to so she tells him that he's being weird and he says she's weird and she says he's weird and stupid. She says that if he bought another big screen TV and expects her to pay for it, he should return it. GAAAAHHH -- she is so good! I love her. I hope this is a great season for her. Dexter tells her he has to go suit up for some flag football and she wonders if she's hearing things.

Now for the football game. Dexter is not good. Then, he drops the thing that he was going to use to prick Joe. In a huddle, Harry is there and tells him to get dirty and elbow Joe in the nose. He does and gets some blood on a tissue and scene. Later, he matches the blood to the blood found under Janet's fingernails? Really? I don't care if it's Kurt and Goldie, they're gonna test the spouse's blood first if strange blood is found on the scene of something violent. LAME. Dexter takes off because he wants to go kill Joe. Angel stops him and asks him about Harrison's preschool interview. Dexter says he's not sure why there has to be religion involved. Angel says that God has put a desire for Himself in every person. Dexter says that he's not sure there is a God. Angel stumbles over trying to explain how we all have moral goodness inside of us (mmm, no) and faith. Dexter VO's that it doesn't make any sense.

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