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"Think Not Disdainfully Of Dex, But Look On Him With Favor."

Rita's visiting FIP, and as soon as he sees her enter, he says, "Ah, you gotta be kidding me." Who'd you expect, dude? Your legion of fans? She asks how he's doing. "How the hell do I look? I can barely remember how I got here." "There's something we need to discuss." "If you came here for an apology, you wasted a tank of gas," he says, rising. "Sit, I'm not finished." "Fuck you." She tells him that the kids are in the other room, and it gets his attention. She continues to tell him that she wants him to explain to them why he's in there, no matter how difficult it is for him. He says he has no idea why he's there, which is actually true, for a change. "Fine, you want to be in denial? Go ahead. You will never see your kids again." She gets up to leave, and he tells her to wait. FIP tells her that he worked so hard to get the kids back on his side that for them to see him in jail would crush everything. "Paul, if you want to have any kind of real relationship with them, it has to be with the father they have, not the father they wish they had." She mentions that she's endured all of his bullshit so that Astor and Cody wouldn't have to, and now's his chance to make it all right. "I wouldn't know what to say," he whispers. "Tell them you're paying for your mistakes. It's a valuable lesson. It's one you never got. So, what's it going to be?" He nods his head solemnly, and Rita lets the kids in. They're super-amped to see him, and his face lights up. As they embrace, Paul looks like he actually understands what it's all about for once in his life. Instead of using his kids a tool for spite and malice, he looks like he might actually take the opportunity to get to know them before he gets a shank to the liver like Angel did. He actually looks like he might cry. He's not off the hook just yet, but I do feel some sympathy for the guy.

Speaking of Angel, Dexter's visiting with him now, but it's not a social call. Dexter tells Angel about the blood drop on his shirt that wasn't his, and that he just wants to check the back of his head. Angel's fine with it (it's not like he has anywhere else to be, or a wife to go home to), and he asks how he and Rita are doing. "Not so good, actually. We kind of...had words. I think I really upset her." "That's rough, man." "Maybe I'm not the right person for her," he says as he starts looking through Angel's hair. "Some people are meant to be alone, right?" "Dex, alone sucks -- hijo de puta!" Dexter found some teeth marks on the back of Angel's head. "You definitely wounded this guy," Dexter tells him. "Good. I hope I broke his fucking nose. Or at least gave him a fat lip." At this, the camera zooms in on Dexter as an enlightened look dawns on his face and a whooshing sound overwhelms the soundtrack. In a semi-daze, Dex asks Angel if he ever met Deb's boyfriend. "Yeah, I went by his office a couple days ago," Angel replies. "Nice guy. Why?"

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