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"Think Not Disdainfully Of Dex, But Look On Him With Favor."

"Are you sure?" Dexter asks the iPod girl. "Positive," she answers. "The samples you gave me were a match." More askew camera angles of Dexter's face reveal his full understanding of the gravity of the situation, and he looks sweaty and fucked up. "Hey, are you alright?" asks iPod. He doesn't answer, he just heads back to the office in a rush. Can't blame him. Although, what has Deb done for him, lately? Nothing, that's what.

Dexter asks that random cop from the earlier briefing where Deb is, and the guy says she went to dinner about an hour ago. "She's supposed to be here." Dexter grabs a radio, and asks dispatch to raise Debra Morgan. Dispatch says she's been out of range for a half-hour. Dexter books it out of there.

Outside, he leaves Deb another message: "Where the fuck are you? I'm here at work, and you're not. I need to talk to you. Do not see Rudy until you find me." Damn, this is getting hectic, son!

Rudy, now steering the yacht alone, hears a beep. He looks down and sees that Deb has missed another call from Dexter. He serenely tosses the phone into the water. The camera pans down and we see a bound and unconscious Deb lying on the floor below.

So, that was some pretty intense action near the end, there. Obviously, the missing details of October 3, 1973 are going to reveal whatever connection Rudy and Dexter share. How is this going to end? How is Dexter going to handle this without revealing himself? And what about LaGuerta's replacement? Is she going to be awesome or totally botch everything? LaGuerta's character has really grown on me as we've learned more about what motivates her. Also, there's FIP. Is he going to remember what actually happened? How will Dexter explain it if he does? That's probably the least of his worries right now. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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