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"Think Not Disdainfully Of Dex, But Look On Him With Favor."

As the camera pans across a white table with body parts wrapped up for Christmas, we hear Rudy singing, "Deck the halls with parts of bodies, fa-la-la-la la..." which is pretty funny, I mean, come on. He looks proudly at his work, and picks up the now-dead hooker's prosthetic hand. He takes off the ring as a buzzer goes off. I'm assuming it's his front door. He looks up at a monitor where we see Deb at the front door, and says, "Shit, just what I need." Dude, she is your girlfriend. You should be more excited to see her! Just kidding, I was thinking the exact same thing. He answers the door and feigns excitement to see her. She nervously says that she knows it's late, but she drove by and saw his car, so blah blah blah. "I can go..." "Get your ass in here," Rudy tells her. "It's about time you see where I live anyway." They hug, and Deb comments on how cold Rudy feels. "Then stay and keep me warm," he cheeses fakely and shuts the door.

Inside, they have some wine and make out a little bit. "This Batista thing has gotten to you, hasn't it?" he asks. "Angel's daughter was there," she replies. "That's got to be rough. A cop's daughter, just like you." Deb says she remembers what that's like, "kissing your father goodbye. You're always afraid that it's for the last time." Whatever, Deb. I'm still pissed at you. Rudy changes the subject and suggests they get out of town for the weekend, "just the two of us. We need to talk." "I'm sitting right here," she says. He says something about the time having to be right, which is obvious because he's clearly planning something big for Dexter. Deb says it'll have to wait until they catch whomever stabbed Batista, and Rudy says that he can be very persistent, blah blah blah. This is boring. Deb mentions that she's "tired from all this shit." "Lucky for you, I have the perfect cure: my loving arms." Oh, Jesus. Layin' it on a bit thick, don't you think, Rude? Anyway, he offers Deb a "little thing" to help her sleep. "That ain't no little thing, Rudy!" she says, clearly thinking about his donger. He meant Valium: "It's one of the perks of working at the hospital." "Wine and Valium? I'll be totally helpless." "You read my mind," he says, and they kiss some more as the scene fades to black.

A bit later, Deb lays in bed as Rudy gets dressed and leaves. Wonder if he's off to play Santa with his newly-chopped body parts.

Dexter's at the station, and he's visiting the file lady! He rings her bell (no, not like that, you perv), and she looks up and exclaims, "Well, as I live and breathe!" He comes in smiling and says, "Did you miss me?" "You and the bear claws you're hiding behind your back!" He presents the bag of said bear claws to her like a gift, and sits down. She mentions that this must be an important visit: "I haven't seen much of you, lately." "No rest for the wicked." Dexter asks after Gene, her apparent husband, and she says he has good days and bad days. It seems he just started radiation therapy. "He's a good guy," says Dexter. "Not much of a bridge player, though!" She laughs and recalls how Harry and Gene used to get mad when she and Doris (stepmother Morgan) would "take them to the cleaners." I guess this woman is an old Morgan family friend as well as a police file clerk. Dexter gets down to business: "I was hoping you could dig up an old case file for me." "Sure thing! Got a date?" "Not exactly. It's the crime scene where Harry found me." The look on her face says that's going to be a problem. "Uh...I wish I could help, but everything from that long ago is boxed up in the basement at City Hall, and, as you can see, I'm up to my you-know-what in year-end reports, so..." Dexter looks disappointed, and his phone rings. "That's my Lieutenant. Camilla [Ah, she does have a name!], is there anything you remember?" "What I remember, Dexter Morgan, is your father caring enough to bring you into his home and give you a loving family." Fair enough, Camilla. Dexter smiles slightly as she says, "I wouldn't keep your Lieutenant waiting."

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