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Come Aboard
Deb and Wendell are sitting at her desk. It is a face off. He asks how long he will have to be there. Deb says when they speak to his mother, who they are having a really hard time finding. Deb asks if she has a job and Wendell says she does what she has to do. Hmm, maybe Deb knows her from vice days. She sees Quinn looking, so she decides to not be a hammer and gets close to Wendell and talks about her own mom and dad. She says it's hard for a single parent. "Yeah, I bet you had it real bad," he replies. She says that no, she didn't. She understood why her dad worked so hard, but after a while she stopped looking for him to show up at her softball games. "That doesn't mean he didn't love me, or that it didn't hurt." Wendell responds, "You played softball?" "First base." "But you don't look gay." Touche. And funny. They laugh -- she has made a breakthrough, which doesn't really matter yet since they are not allowed to talk to him yet. She tells him that she'll go get some food for him from the cart outside. As she's leaving, she asks Quinn ("Partner") if he could keep an eye on their guest.

She's waiting for the elevator when Dex shows up. He asks if she's getting anywhere with Wendell. She asks if he's set a date for the wedding or if he's moving in with Rita. She needs to know when she is going to break her lease and move into his place. "Why does everyone think I'm going to give up my place?" Because they don't kill people and you're getting married. Deb reasons that there is not enough room for Rita and kids at his place and he's the last guy who needs a fuck pad. Classy.

Ramon exits the elevator. He asks mildly where Maria is. After he walks away, Dex says they now know who the sheriffs department sent to look into their files. Deb says that Ramon is wound too tightly -- which, frankly, is a lot coming from her.Ramon says "They keep getting younger" when he enters Maria's office, in reference to Wendell. She explains that he worked for Freebo. He doesn't really respond, which is irritating because it's proof that Homicide is still following leads trying to solve Oscar's murder. Maria is surprised the sheriff's department sent him as liaison, seeing as he's bat shit crazy and all that. He says he's not there to make friends, he's doing his job. Well, if doing his job means definitely not making friends, he's off to a good start. She says she has known him his whole adult life, so cut the crap. She knows he's insinuating himself into Oscar's murder case. She says she could go over his head and have him removed, but she won't. However, if the cases aren't connected, she will stop cooperating.

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