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Come Aboard

Dex is shopping for golf clubs. We see Ethan. Dex VO's that after the 1st woman's money ran out, he wasted no time getting a new wife and killing her. Dex strikes up conversation and finds out that Ethan is going on Caribbean cruise. He's remarkably open with strangers for a killer. I'd imagine secrecy would be a key to getting away with stuff, but what do I know -- I've never killed anyone. I swear. Ethan says you can cut corners and get a diving certificate in Biminey in one day. Dex says he could get there in one day on his boat. Maybe he'll take his wife and get her off his back. Ethan replies while looking at some babes in the store that you'll have more fun if you don't. Dex VO's, "I'm sure I will." I wish he'd just kill him in the store. This is taking too much time.

Angel sees Deb in the hall and tells her that Wendell's mom has been reached. She's being brought upstairs. "Baby fucking Jesus!" she exclaims. Angel reminds her that he's Catholic. Yeah, I think they're OK with the whole whoremongering thing. She says she's sorry, then she asks him if he knows the word "bumkis?" "I think its bupkis." "Shit."

Angel tells Deb he has a cold case -- a dead john. He asks if she busted the same places over and over when she was working vice. No, most clients were regulars so word would spread fast and they would move decoys around. Then, Vince passes and she says loudly, "If you really want to know about paying for sex, you should talk to Matsuka." He doesn't respond and just walks past. Angel asks him hold up. Did he review sheriffs department's forensics regarding skinning victim. He says he fucking would if they'd fucking send them. He has asked four fucking times. Deb says someone needs a hug. She would give him one but doesn't know what she'd catch. He still doesn't respond and just asks if he can go. Deb breaks it down and says she can take inappropriate, porn-loving, and flatulent Matsuka, but the dress shoe wearing, please and thank you, zombie Matsuka is freaking her out. He says he realizes that no one there is his friend. Angel says not true -- they added him to bowling team. He says that's because they wanted to raise their handicaps to sandbag the other team... which Angel acknowledges is true.

Vince fumes that not one person read his paper. Not one person showed up at the conference he spoke at. Deb asks if this is really about his stupid paper. "You guys don't get it, you hurt my feelings." Then, he walks away. Deb and Angel, disturbed, walk around the corner. Jennifer Carpenter is so good right there. She probably never thought that Vince could confuse her or make her feel bad, and it's not like she's hurting in her soul or anything, but she's definitely disturbed. They round the corner and Wendell is gone. Quinn says the mother wouldn't let him talk to cops. She heard from the street that the last person to talk about Freebo with the police wound up dead. Deb says she spent all day working on the kid. Quinn says she was never going to cooperate. She says he could have waited and then he says that this is no reflection on the work she did. Yeah, no kidding, dickweed. Deb responds that it's a reflection on how he thinks about her and her work. He asks if she thinks he did this to make her look bad and she says," I'm not sure anymore, Partner." She has got to stop this guy. Yuki, can you hear me?

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