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Come Aboard

That night, Angel drives up past a bunch of whores on the street and finds Barbara. She sees him and says "You've got to be kidding me." He tells her that her boobs are hanging out and she says he's blushing. Then, he asks her on a date. Really? We're all blushing now, cause that shit's embarrassing. She says she rarely dates cops, so she's not interested. Does rarely mean "never?" She would have said never if she meant never. I hope that means that she might date another cop, but not Angel. What kind of fucked up relationship begins when you tried to hire the other one as a hooker?

Dex enters Rita's house and she's cooking. She tells him it's a surprise. There are lots of real estate brochures on table. She is going to have Syl set up appointments for the next day -- areas with good school districts, central air. Dex VO's that he knows they'll have to live together, but all he can say is "NO." He actually says that out loud. Rita's all, OK, they don't have to look at all of them. Benz is really good right here. She seems completely confused. He says no to that idea too. Rita explains that "no" doesn't work in a relationship. "Can we talk about it?" is better. Dexter says that he doesn't want to look at houses, not now. She says that's all he needed to say. She and Syl will go -- he can watch the kids. Nope, he's going fishing all day. Wow, this is like some other couple entirely right now. When was he going to tell her, she asks. This is the first he's heard about house hunting. He can't drop everything. For reals, he's got to kill someone. She says that dinner will be ready in five minutes; it's a roast, his favorite. He seems really confused about how badly everything just went. Or maybe roast isn't really his favorite.

The next day, Dexter is up bright and early and on his boat. He VO's that he checked Ethan's travel itinerary. He's only in Biminey for one day. Sorry Rita, he needs this more than a 2-car garage. Miguel shows up at the pier. Syl told him that a certain someone "something pollo" was going fishing. Pollo? Never mind. I think Syl called him chicken or something. She's a little bit of a nuisance. Miguel says that he has a nice boat and wants to go out on it sometime. Dexter says he's going to Mercy Reef to go fishing. Miguel invites him for food first, but Dexter says he can't leave the boat. This is tense. Miguel says maybe he'll postpone the arraignment he has that day and he will come with Dex. VO -- "Please don't." He can't -- he has to be in court to put out a fire that his lieutenant started. Could it be that he finally has to own up to the Chicky Hines stuff? Dex takes off.

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