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Come Aboard

Rita comes out of the house. She says she's bleeding. Syl says there's a hospital nearby. They can't wait for an ambulance. What about Dexter? They'll call him from the car. Good luck with that.

Deb drives up to Wendell who is sitting in front of a house and says from her car window she's been looking for him. He asks why, because the other cop let him go. She explains that she is there "unofficially." She says he can call her if he needs anything. Suddenly, we see that binoculars are looking at Wendell. Think that's Ramon? Or the skinner? Deb says she knows it's hard with his mom away, but if he thinks of anything, call. He says he stayed out of Freebo's business, because it was safer. Freebo owed someone a lot of money. Deb says that's probably why someone's trying to find him so bad. Wendell says, when she finds Freebo, please tell him he owes him three weeks pay.

Ethan is in his cabin, clad only in a towel, when Dex knocks him out with a syringe to the neck. All his kill stuff is in his golf bag. He works fast, because he has that 10:45 deadline. He's good with saran wrap. I always get it tangled up.At the hospital, Miguel arrives. Rita is in ICU. Miguel finds a nurse and tells her to contact the chief of staff. Syl wants to know where Dex is. The father should be here. He's busy, Syl. Get off his back.

Dex tells a wrapped and gagged Ethan that he is playing his iPod so no one will hear. David Bowie's "Changes" is playing. Dex says it's too bad he has to make this quick. He says he has been going through changes. Ba-dum. He thanks Ethan for reminding him how important it is to take time for yourself. Then, he feverishly stabs him. His enjoyment is palpable. Next, he's throwing wrapped body parts out of a porthole. Bon voyage.

Rita says this isn't like Dexter. Syl tells her to stay calm. Miguel had the Coast Guard check, and he wasn't at his fishing spot.

Deb knocks on Anton's door. She says from outside that she has a lead. She knows why someone is looking for Freebo. As the door starts to open, she says that he was right about... girl... "bupkis." There's a girl. Someone he slept with. Anton is in the shower. She says that he should call "Debra Morgan" then she walks away. As she's dejectedly walking down the stairs, she gets a phone call. It's Miguel. He asks if she's heard from Dexter. He tells her about Rita and says they need to find Dex.

Dexter pulls the Slice of Life into the dock. He VO's that Ethan couldn't compromise. He loved money more than he loved them. What's to compromise there? I don't get it. He says his days of coming and going may be over, but his life isn't over. Not as long as he has the boat. He checks his messages. He hears the first one -- from Rita. He speeds to hospital.

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