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Come Aboard

At the hospital, he finds Rita. The baby is fine. They can go home tomorrow. She says she wasn't sure what she would do if she'd lost the baby without him there. No one could find him. He says he's there now. She decides they should wait until after they've married to buy a house. That seems kind of foreboding, but he says name the date, he's ready. This is sweet. She starts crying. Michael Hall's face is lit really beautifully. She'd like to marry before she shows. He lies in bed with her and VO's that he might not feel his baby's heartbeat emotionally but he can't ignore it. He's relieved that it's still here. Well, that's a first step.

Deb sees him outside. She reminds him he's going to be a father and this was his wake up call. Dex says his life is changing. His place is Deb's. She says what will make her happy is if he's there for the kid. For homework and softball. She hugs and says don't be like their dad. He VO's "never gonna happen."

Later, Dexter is tucking the kids into bed with Miguel. He says he should've been there for Rita. Miguel says he got a fax from the cruise line saying Ethan has been declared missing. He asks where Dex fished, because the Coast Guard couldn't find him. Miguel says he was on the cruise ship finishing what he couldn't. Dex says it wasn't him. Miguel says he was making sure Ethan couldn't hurt anyone. This is crazy. Miguel says they are the same. Dex says no one is like me -- wow, that's an admission. Miguel says he's wrong. He seized the opportunity to avenge the two women who were killed. He says he sees who Dex is. He has nothing to explain or apologize for. He's behind Dex and he respects him. He says good night and leaves. Stunned, Dexter VO's that when they found out who he was, it disgusted Harry, destroyed his brother, consumed Lila... but not Miguel. He's proud. Nuts.

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