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"Dex, As A Dark Shadow, Beckons His Prey."

As Deb walks away, she passes Pascal in her car; she's on her cell, yelling at someone. I won't bore you with the details, because until it becomes relevant, I'm not going to justify her story line. LaGuerta walks up and knocks on her window, startling her. Pascal puts the phone down and rolls down the window. "Fiancé?" LaGuerta assumes out loud, then says, asserting herself, "How about you take off, and let me handle this?" Pascal says half-heartedly that she couldn't let her do that, but LaGuerta tells her she'll email the report to Pascal for signature, no problem. Pascal nods, and says she also wants the report on Deb's bar fight. "Maria," she says as LaGuerta walks away. LaGuerta turns around. "I owe you." Nice. You guys are buddies. Way to work that angle, LaGuerta!

Dexter, still standing by Eva's body, watches as a social worker carries Eva's daughter away, and flashes back to Harry carrying him out of the shipping container thirty-three years ago. Dexter and the girl lock eyes, and can't seem to break off. Angel walks up, and says, "Pobrecita, seeing her mother that way. Can you imagine that?" He doesn't have to, but you don't know that, Angel. "I can't even go there, Angel." Fade out. That's two fade-outs, by the way, something this show normally doesn't do. New editor, perhaps?

Later, in the evening, the coroner is finally loading Eva's body into their van, and Angel says to Dex, "This one's on us, bro." "If I had killed Chino last night, that little girl's mother would still be alive," Dex VOs. Some firemen start hosing down the street to get rid of the blood as Dex walks to his car. "I gotta find Chino before he finds me." Yeah, that's definitely a good plan, unless he's expecting you. Which he will be. Dexter starts driving, and there's another report on the radio about his bodies. "I have to focus, tune everything out. If I don't, being linked to my beautiful bodies of work will be the least of my worries." Headlights instantly blare into Dexter's rearview. "Shit! Little Chino. He was out there. The timing could be better. That, plus I don't have my tools, but it does give me the chance to tie up one massive loose end." Dexter weaves out of traffic into an alleyway, and the other car gives chase. He slams on the brakes, and gets out quickly after grabbing something from his glove compartment. He walks briskly to the other car, only to find Doakes waiting for him. "Oh, it's you, Sergeant," he says, shining his flashlight in Doakes's face. "Who else you got following you?" Doakes asks. "Apparently no one," Dexter responds, looking around to suggest that he could bludgeon Doakes with his huge flashlight. "Go ahead, try it. I've been waitin'." "This neighborhood is full of crazies," Dex says, shining the light in his own face, mockingly. "I'd lock my doors."

Dexter's watching footage of his kills being retrieved on his computer, and Deb comes out of the bathroom. "Bathroom's all yours." "Kind of always was." Heh, true. Deb goes to the fridge, grabs the OJ, and drinks straight from the bottle. "We run out of glasses?" asks Dex smarmily. "Clean ones," she replies. Dex tells her to come over to the computer, where he's found some apartments on Craig's List. Deb is unimpressed with all of the offerings: "Shitty neighborhood." "It gets morning sun," says Dex hopefully. Deb doesn't reply, and Dexter implores her to give it a chance. Deb just says that she has to meet with Pascal, and rushes out after leaving the OJ bottle on the desk. "I will not kill my sister, I will not kill my sister, I will not kill my sister," Dex VOs. Why not, dude? As Dex puts the OJ away, his cell rings, and it's Rita, according to his caller ID. "Hey, you," he says, only to find Astor on the other end. "Dexter?" "Astor? Sweetie, what's the matter?" "Mom's acting all weird and stuff." "What kind of weird?" "She keeps talking to people on the phone about my dad, then she starts yelling at them. Then she yells at me and Cody." "I'm on my way." Good man, Dex.

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