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"Dex, As A Dark Shadow, Beckons His Prey."

On the interrogation room monitor, BB and Co. sit down as LaGuerta and Angel circle the table. Deb 'n' Dex watch outside, and Deb comments again on how huge BB is: "Fuck, he's big." "The harder they fall," says Dex distractedly.

Noticing his new scar, LaGuerta asks BB, "That come with a story?" Predictably, he answers that he cut himself shaving. Angel tells him to be more careful, as if he's in some noir film. The attorney chimes in that Chino has been harassed by the department enough, and as he's about to say he's considering filing suit, LaGuerta tells him to cut the shit. "Word is, you're looking for me regarding this...tragedy," says Chino, smiling. "Bet your ass we are," noirs Angel. "The victim was the mother of one of your compadres who we know you killed." "But can't prove, right, officer?" asks the attorney. "It's detective, and can't prove...yet!" Chino tells the lawyer to "show 'em the disc," and the guy pulls out a DVD, which they pop on outside. It shows Chino reading yesterday's paper, and the video has a time-stamp on it of the exact time of Eva's death, providing Chino with a paper-thin alibi, even though time-stamps are very easy to tamper with. "That arrogant prick," says Angel, watching Chino smile and joke around in the interrogation room. "He knew we'd peg him for Arenas's murder, so he covered his ass and had someone else do the deed." Deb asks if that at least makes him an accomplice, but LaGuerta says, "Not without evidence." "Cut him loose," says Pascal, pissed off. Dexter smiles. "Red Rover, Red Rover, send Chino back over." Oh, you're so clever, Dexter. Except not really. That was actually a pretty lame thing to say.

Masuka calls Dexter into his room, where he's watching more footage of Dexter's underwater cemetery. "Thirteen and counting. They're so swamped up there, they had to bring in outside talent...which would be moi." Dexter just looks at him, and we can see a glint of fear on his face. "Bet this guy never expected his work to see the light of day," says Masuka after a long pause. I love how he calls it "work." "I'll bet you're right," says Dexter. "Still, it can't be easy to hide a body nowadays," he continues, hoping to get some ideas from Masuka. "You shittin' me?" "Hypothetical: you're the Bay Harbor Butcher. How do you make sure a disposed body stays disposed?" "Tons of options!" says Masuka excitedly. "Everglades. Alligators. Pig farms. Sulfuric acid. Wood chipper. Incinerator. Hell, even meat pies!" Okay, remind me to stay on Masuka's good side. Yeesh. "Don't all those run the risk of coming in contact with the outside world?" "You got a better idea?" "No," Dex covers. "And that's the problem," he VOs. "Where do I put Chino when I'm done with him?"

Deb storms into the office and announces that Mathstor is on his way up with "that FBI guy. He's got a fuckin' entourage." Everyone in the room sits up expectantly, and Mathstor walks in as Agent Lundy (played by Keith Carradine) struts past with his crew. "So this is the man that stands between me and death row," Dex VOs. Mathstor tells everyone to be in the briefing room in two minutes for Show And Tell.

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