What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?

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Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti

…while Vogel is packing up, presumably getting ready to go to Sussman's, when she gets a text from an unknown source telling her to look outside. As I mentioned in the recaplet, there's no one there to be taken in by the message and her scared reaction except the audience, so either this eliminates Vogel for The Brain Surgeon or the producers are going to end up losing parts of their brains. Of course, that doesn't mean she's not a killer herself or that she doesn't have some nefarious private agenda, and it's not even like some of the ones we're aware of are all that upstanding. She arms herself with a letter opener and heads to the front window; seeing nothing, she steels herself and opens the double-locked door. From the front, it looks like she sees nothing, but the upward camera angle suggests there's something at her feet and sure enough, when she casts her eyes down, there are two tidy boxes gaily wrapped with red ribbon and bearing cards with "His" and "Hers" in flowing script. Selecting the gender-appropriate one, she haltingly removes the top and gasps in horror…

…and later, we see that each box held a container with a piece of brain in it as Vogel tells Dexter TBS is escalating. Dexter guesses that the pieces belong to Sussman and that TBS blew his head off to cover the damage to the brain, and when Vogel tells Dexter the samples came from the occipital lobe, which controls vision, Dexter realizes that it's a message from TBS that he's watching them, adding that the "His" box means that TBS is now aware of Dexter's association with Vogel. Vogel apologizes for dragging Dexter into this, but Dexter notes that TBS sending both packages to Vogel suggests that he might not know how to find him or even his name. Vogel: "Yet." She has a way with words. Dexter urgently agrees and says he's got to catch him soon; to that end, he's been going through Vogel's book and vetting suspects and so far he's eliminated two names, leaving him up to a "Ron Galuzzo," who apparently strangled his best friend as a teenager. Honestly, I'm not sure how that doesn't happen more often just based on TV depictions of high schools alone. Dexter goes on that Galuzzo convinced Vogel that his victim was a bully, and she recalls that he had her fooled for a bit so she recommended leniency at his hearing, a decision she reversed after she got him to admit he'd been lying. They think this could be sufficient motivation for Galuzzo to be after her now, but they're interrupted by Quinn calling Dexter over to tell him about Deb's latest, adding that he got her out of it but he's obviously worried. All Dexter can do is somewhat helplessly offer that Deb's been having a hard time, but when Quinn asks what they're doing to do, Dexter tells him he'll figure something out before thanking him and heading off -- whereupon Batista appears and lights into Quinn for shirking his duties after Batista put him up for sergeant.

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