What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?

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Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti

Of course, it does keep us from the stupid Elway client who denies that the man in the photos is her husband despite the image being clear enough for facial-recognition software and then some, but this is all so Elway -- once the woman is gone -- can make a grand point about how it's easier for some people to live in denial. Can we go back to Harrison and the popsicles now?

Dexter enters Galuzzo's home and immediately observes how neat the kitchen is compared to everywhere else; the first thing of interest he notes is a pot containing some bubbling stew, so he takes off the cover to inspect it -- and finds a human finger in it. Dexter's grossed-out reaction is pretty great, and he realizes the kitchen is a kill room even before he opens the freezer and finds several plastic containers with appetizing labels such as "ground thigh," "kidneys," and "intestines." Of course, I'm not sure a practiced cannibal would need to mark these things, given that I don't think he's going to outsource the preparation of his meals, but the neat computer-printed labels do weirdly amuse me, as do the couple microwave pizzas sitting innocently atop the grislier fare. After realizing that Galuzzo meant to eat him, Dexter then finds a completely intact brain, which pretty much puts paid to any notion of Galuzzo as The Brain Surgeon, or, as Dexter less fortunately puts it, The Brain Surgeon is out there "and he still has the upper hand." There's no accompanying slide whistle, but I still choose to believe that pun was intentional. Also, Dexter doesn't take the time to think of it, but what other psycho MOs is he going to come across before he finds his true foe? It might be just as well from a gross-out point of view that the series has a limited number of episodes left.

Deb, looking so drunk that she can barely manipulate her phone -- and let's not even go into her recent return to Split Endsville -- watches the video Dexter showed her over and over. Again, this goes on faaaaar too long -- almost an entire minute -- but it is at least building to something as she looks out the window and we see she's at MM…

…and then she staggers off the elevator -- Jennifer Carpenter is really getting to flex her playing-drunk muscles this season -- when Quinn rushes over to intercept. Deb mumbles that she wants to "make an 'fishal shtatement" before leaning forward -- I actually thought she was going to hurl right on Quinn's shirt for a moment -- and telling him she killed LaGuerta. Ooh. As dumb as Quinn is, this could still advance the plot far beyond what we see this episode. For now, though, he drags her into an interrogation room and disconnects the microphone as his first order of business before asking her to explain herself. Deb spills some details about the night in question, and the one that could really come back to haunt her (or Dexter, depending how you look at it) is the fact that she called Dispatch to get LaGuerta's location -- as all PD calls, that must have been recorded. For now, Quinn still thinks Deb's just got survivor's guilt over LaGuerta's death (although he doesn't use that term), and he walks her through the official analysis that concluded Estrada and LaGuerta killed each other -- an analysis given by Dexter. When Deb hears her brother's name, she completely breaks down, and honestly people PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER HERE. Doakes would have had them both in jail before the seventh season even ended. Quinn at least suffers Deb to write down everything she remembers from that night using pen and paper, but that's only to give him a minute to call Dexter…

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