Dinner, Movie And A Betrayal

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Out in Africa

First and foremost, thanks to Wing Chun for overnight-ing a tape from Toronto to Baltimore because my VCR horked. ["Aw." -- Wing Chun] Now you can all have a recap, and I can have fun with Canadian commercials!

Last week on Survivor, Lex Loser's gut instinct and sense of smell led him to blame Kelly for Teresa's vote in the previous Tribal Council. Brandon joined the Cult of Lex, and turned on his Samburu roots.

It's now Day 25, and Lex Loser's face is superimposed over a moon; then day breaks, and his face fades away. The editors are getting clever with these "special" effects. Brandon picks at his eye boogers, and then Lex Loser tells us that camp has been grim since the previous evening's "emotion-packed" Tribal Council. He explains that there are now two divisions within Mofo Maji: those who voted against Lex, and those who voted against Kelly. He says that the tribe is waiting for the "smoke and ash" to settle before they figure out what's going on. In New York, they're still waiting for the smoke and ash to settle. Sigh. In any case, Lex Loser insists that the biggest issue the S8 face in the game is trust, meaning, "Who do you trust, and who do you believe?" He philosophizes, "When you think about it, in life, that's kind of the foundation that you base everything on." We see dramatic headshots of the other members of the tribe. Frank slaps at his arm, but a deer antler would probably come in much handier for those hard-to-reach itches. A praying mantis-like bug snares a fly and gobbles it up. A dust cloud stirs itself up into a little tornado. Two gazelles flee a scene. Any scene. And then a monkey just sits there looking harmless. One of these things is not like the other ones. If I had to guess, I'd say the monkey had something up his sleeve. If he had a sleeve.

We join Ethan and Lex Loser as they gather firewood together. Ethan says he doesn't trust Brandon because he so willingly turned on his friends in the vote against Kelly. Lex Loser responds, "That's what they say." Which means, I suppose, that he's pretending to question whether Brandon ever allied himself with Kimp and Teresa? In a confessional, Kimp explains that Brandon's vote was shocking because she's trusted Brandon for "twenty-four straight days." She doesn't further explain that twenty-four straight days is a long the life of an African fruit fly. Kimp continues that she thought Brandon was her friend and she had completely believed that he was being true to her. She says, "I'm really burnt up today for sure. I mean, I can't understand it." Kimp emphatically tells Kimj and Teresa how she was set up by Brandon, and then she grabs her face like she's smearing something on it. It's not pretty, but it appropriately demonstrates her significant angst.

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