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Hurtling Toward the End

Speaking of Simon, he welcomes Jeremy in and apologizes for calling him over so late. Simon tells Jeremy he knows he doesn't have amnesia. Jeremy tries to play dumb, but Simon says he has a gut instinct that Jeremy's not the type of guy who would punch a woman in the face; that sounds a lot more like Nola. Stupid Nola, ruining Jeremy's very excellent dumb-playing abilities with her sinister machinations. Simon tells Jeremy it's okay, because he failed in convincing Simon about the amnesia, but succeeded in showing how much he cares for Nola. And her little brother. Jeremy keeps trying to play dumb: "Brother? I didn't know..." But Simon's not having any of it. He tells Jeremy he'll arrange things so Jeremy can rescue Nola's brother, but he needs something from him. He needs him to kill someone. Jeremy jumps back and then asks who. Simon laughs and says, "Me." Or maybe you could just get into the cars that are set to blow up. Why have Jeremy do it? Ominous music as Simon smiles. No next time on, but we have two episode to go. Will Simon die? Will Nola get her brother back? Will Karen have Simon's baby in two weeks? I actually am hoping for some wrap-up.

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Dirty Sexy Money




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